New version 1.1.2, what is user prohibition and 'layer break bit'?

Was reading the new features of latest version 1.1.2 and on the site it says “Region code (not RCE), user prohibition and ‘layer break bit’ are now removed from the full disk copy”. Could someone explain what this means? I’m guessing it’s a good thing.

It sure is great to see the soundtrack options in full disk mode :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

  1. Commercial DVDs are encoded in such a way that those intended for the Canadian and North American market (Region 1) will not play in players intended for the European market (Region 2) - and vice versa. Or so the theory goes. As you can see, this petty restriction means nothing: players can be ‘chipped’ or otherwise configured to play anything, and rippers and encoding software - ahem - discard the instruction anyway. RCE encoding is a similar device to thwart your freedom of choice, except that this operates in software.

  2. The ‘layer break’ bit is used to warn the player that it should now read the second layer - assuming a DVD9 dual-layer disc. If this, by now superfluous, bit is carried over onto a DVD5 single layer disc, it can cause some players to pause briefly at that point. Erwin had previously had some philosophical problems with this, which he seems now to have overcome :wink:

  3. User Prohibitions are coded instructions to prevent you - or rather the player - from jumping past the ‘Copying/FBI Warning’, for example. Anywhere in fact where they think you shouldn’t go or shouldn’t cut short. It really is preposterous when you think about it. I wonder they didn’t add an injunction to ‘Sit Up Straight’ and ‘Have You Brushed Your Teeth This Morning’!


Thanks for the explanation Pete. User Prohibition was a real pain although I never even knew what it was called.

I have a DVD where user prohibition keeps you from Zoming the movie… I fail to see the logic behind this.

Good thing that DVD2one will auto-remove those silly things.

Isnt it done by the ripper anyway? I know my program removes the region stuff and user prohibitions by default.


Yours does - and yours is the one I use.

Perhaps Erwin is playing in goal to catch any bits missed by inferior rippers! :wink:


(You don’t remove the ‘layer break’ bit though, do you? After all, it isn’t always a layer break…)

Yes those bits are cleared for people who use other rippers.
(just to be sure :wink: )

(You don’t remove the ‘layer break’ bit though, do you? After all, it isn’t always a layer break…)

Interesting… What else could it be? Also, how does DVD2ONE know to not remove it if it’s needed?

Well my first attempt on the new 1.1.2 failed. The dvd was Groundhog day Region 1. Tried to do the full disc 5.1 audio and commentary only. Menu seems to function but when I go to play the movie, its has a smiley face. I am going to try and re-run it again but that was my first failure ever with dvd2one.



Strictly speaking this bit is a ‘discontinuity’ flag. More often than not it signals a layer break, but not always. Sometimes it can be used in multi-angle situations. :confused:

How does DVD2One know? Ask Erwin or Rene…