New version 0.69 of ReBuilder released

Yep, version 0.57 ReBuilder released today -

Version 0.57

ILVU processing has been delayed at least one more version. Below is a summary of the changes/updates associated with this version:

  • Updated code for compatibility with QuEnc 0.52 and above. The KVCD commandline logic has been replaced by the QuEnc Lower Bitrate (QLB) Matrix option. Older versions of QuEnc will no longer be supported and will get an error if use is attempted. QuEnc 0.52+ is free and is easily found on the net.

  • Corrected an error in which the progressive flag was not being set correctly during rebuild when “Deinterlace with Decomb” is selected. Also please note that if the input stream is already identified as progressive, the deinterlacing filter will not be added to the associated .AVS file.

  • Modified SCR algorithm to more accurately reproduce the SCR/PTS structure of the original disc.

  • Made a timing correction that may affect possible audio dropouts. It also may reduce (but not eliminate) the liklihood of encountering an error #0003 or #0004 on preprocessed (3rd party edited) streams.

  • Fixed an error in which the “Disable Interlaced” was correctly reencoding the as progressive – but was incorrectly reinserting the original flags on rebuild.

  • Add a “Status Logging On” switch to the file menu. When checked, anything that is output to the status box is also echoed to the log file. The file, called “rebuilder.log” is created in the directory specified in “Working Path” – it no path is specified it is created in the root of the C:\ directory. The file location is changed whenever a new working path is specified (for example when running a batch job). This should be helpful in debugging problems that might cause DVD-RB to exit abruptly.

Thanks for the update notice. It might be a good idea to revise this thread when a new version is released, rather than make a new thread each time. Whoever notices, or is aware of an update could make a post here along with the changelog and you could update the title. I just noticed the update myself and was going to make a post. You were quite a bit ahead of me. Thanks again!

Thats because I check daily :bigsmile:

v0.57a, released 3 September 2004


  • Corrected a buffering problem associated with the “Status Logging” output.
    -The fix related to audio dropouts in v0.57a seems to have made the problem more pronounced. It has been reversed until it can be more accurately studied.

But not yet today. :bigsmile:

Yes I did actually, I just forgot to tell everyone about it :D, sorry about that but then I know your on the ball as well. :smiley:

Version 0.58 released 8 September 2004 (maintenance version).

Change log since last version:

  • Found and fixed a source of Error code ‘9’ that can occur immediately at the start of an encode.

  • Made changes to the output ECL formats so CCE SP version 2.67.xx.xx retail versions are supported. Please note that SP 2.67.xx.xx Trial version will only work with ECLCCE.EXE. Do NOT attempt to use ECLCCE.EXE with the retail version of 2.67.xx.xx – it isn’t needed, and doesn’t work. Note: I don’t have a copy of the retail version to test – but I believe it will work.

  • Found and fixed an error in which certain circumstances could cause illegal System Clock Reference (SCR) values near the end of some cells. This could very possibly have caused audio problems and/or video problems on some standalone units. Special thanks to Sir Didymus for identifying this problem.

@ChickenMan: Would you be kind enough to update the thread title to reflect the lastest version?
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Would you still recommend your DVD to DVD ±R guide over using this new one click tool???

I still use both actually as both are very different products. DVD2SVCD basically does main movie only while ReBuilder does the whole DVD only. There are ways to get either to do the opposite but a bit to a lot of extra work.

If the original DVD has to many extras, then I dont use RB. For example, if a DVD is 7.8 gb total, with movie at 6gb then the extras at 1.8gb is simple to much. Compressing all this to 4.37gb will decreat the main movies quality as far as I’m concerned. Sure, there are 1/2 D1 options and 25% etc reduction of extras options in RB, but as far as I’m concerned, if you have to go to the trouble of useing these options, you might as well not have the extras there in the first place, so then do movie only via DVD2SVCD. But if the DVD size was 7.8gb total, with the movie at 7.2gb, then I would most defenitely use RB on this one.

Another alternative to DVD2SVCD, is to use DVD Shrink to re-athor out the main movie only with compression set to No Compression. So all this does is rip out a playable main movie only unaltered and then you run this through ReBuilder to compress. The choice is yours.

Besides all this, DVD2SVCD is basically a few clicks tool anyway, just looks daunting to many. You run D2SRoBa, this then runs DVD2SVCD, your already set it up earlier so all you do is load in the IFO file, set the folder you want it to save to, then hit GO. Cant be much simpler than that. Repeat for the mext movie. You can even use the internal Ripping to eliminate the initial DVD Decrypter if you wish. So the one program can rip, convert and author. All you then have to do is burn it the same as with RB.

Version 0.59 released 11 September 2004.

Changelog (by Jdobbs of Doom9) since last version (v0.58):

  • Found an additional System Clock Reference (SCR) error that caused some NAVPACKS (immediately following a sound or subpicture packet) to not comply with the DVD minimum spacing standard. This, depending upon the player, could theoretically cause any of a number of audio, video, or timing problems. This has the potential of being a very big correction. A special thanks again to Sir Didymus and the Doom9 beta testers.

  • Fixed an error that was responsible for random but rare #0003 errors depending upon original source timing characteristics).

  • Added code that forces GOPSIZE to a DVD standard when using QuEnc.

  • Fixed a problem in which version update checks were not being recorded when changed in the SETUP dialog (only on startup).

  • Fixed an error related to PES headers in which the P-STD Buffer size data was not being properly set at the beginning of each data stream.

  • Corrected an error in which stuffing bytes at the end of a stream could overwrite PES header data (a million to one – but possible).

  • Added two more choices to the “QuEnc Options” menu. You can now choose to enable High Quality Mode (slow but very impressive quality) and “Use Scene Detection” which makes intelligent decisions as to where to break GOPs. For those who haven’t tried QuEnc… it has become the highest quality encoder available as freeware – and outdoes most of the costly alternatives. Hats off to Nic and dragongodz.

Version 0.60, of DVD ReBuilder released 18 September 2004

Changelog (by Jdobbs of Doom9) since last version (v0.59):

  • IMPORTANT FIX: Corrected an error in SCR/PTS computation for audio and subpicture streams. Likely symptoms of the problem that was fixed is audio dropouts, and stutter. It may also have and affect on Error #0003, and Error #0004. My thanks to fritzdis and Sir Didymus for helping find this. Note: Do not simply try to “REBUILD” old sources, this fix includes a change in the “PREPARE” phase.

  • Corrected implementation of version checking for CCE. v0.59 made an assumption that new CCE ECL changes applied to all 2.67 SP Retail versions. It has been modified to now only apply to CCE SP Retail v2.67.0.27.

  • Corrected a problem in which reopening DVD-RB after receiving a “…multiangles” error would allow it to process the selected fileset – even though it would always result in an error.

  • Fixed an error in which the last audio pack within a VTS was not being written to the output stream. This could cut a very tiny (~40ms) from the very end of a movie. Thanks to totya for pointing this one out.

Version 0.60b, of DVD ReBuilder released 19 September 2004

Changelog (by Jdobbs of Doom9) since last version (v0.60):

[Change for v0.60a]

  • Fixed an error in which users of CCE v2.67.0.27 Trial/ECLCCE were getting the wrong ECL settings.

[Change for v0.60b]

  • Fixed my fix.

Yet another small change and update to ver 0.61

[Change for v0.61]

  • Found and corrected a cause of Error #0003 and #0004. This should fix most reports associated with these errors. Note: Remember some are caused by invalid source files.

Version 0.62, of DVD ReBuilder released 22 September 2004

Changelog (by Jdobbs of Doom9) since last version (v0.61):

  • Added an option under the “Help” menu that will display the versions of support software you are using. This should be useful in debugging problems.

  • Inserted code to modify the sequence header extension on NTSC telecined titles so that the progressive flag will set to 0 – this was noted as a problem associated with QuEnc. Please note that this DOES NOT mean progressive streams will not be recognized and played as progressive. This should fix reported “stuttering” on some players when using QuEnc as the encoder.

Version 0.63, of DVD ReBuilder released 03 October 2004:

Changelog (by Jdobbs of Doom9) since last version (v0.62):

  • Corrected rebuilding code to prevent “runt” VOBUs (less than .4 seconds). This will bring the newly authored stream more tightly into compliance with DVD standards. This is KNOWN to have caused audio/video stutter on some DVDs.

  • Added support for Canopus ProCoder through Robot1’s EclPro utility. Nice work Robot1, you continue to provide outstanding support to the DVD community! Please note that this feature needs testing.

  • Modified the maximum bitrate on output so it lowers to accomodate large and multiple audio tracks. This should help to keep the bitrate bursts under DVD maximums. Maximum bitrate is now set to MAXBITRATE - AudBitrate – so using the default it would be 9,000Kbs - AudBitrate. Note that DVD standard is no greater than 9,800Kbs for video and no more than 10,008Kbs total audio/video/subs.

  • Corrected a bug introduced in v0.61 related to audio/video sync. This could have caused stutter and audio dropout on some DVDs. An option has been added to the “Options” menu called “Special Error Avoidance” for special cases in which certain #0003 or #0004 errors are encountered – this is temporary and will be removed in future versions. It is recommended that this option only be used as a last resort after you’ve encountered one of these errors – and not before, as it can cause other unpleasant effects. This option ONLY affects the rebuild phase. It is meant to counter what appears to be bad source timing parameters.

  • Disabled runt VOBU code for more testing. It appears to have caused more problems then it solved.

Version 0.64a, of DVD ReBuilder released 15 October 2004:

Changelog (by Jdobbs of Doom9) since last version (v0.63a):

  • Added support for DGDECODE.DLL. This is a newer, more accurate, and faster version of MPEG3DEC3DG.DLL. In order to use it, download DGMPGDec from the Doom9 site (the only required portion of the .ZIP file is DGDECODE.DLL. You must point to the file from DVD-RB’s “Setup” dialog. The MPEG2DEC3 path area name has been changed to “DECODER”. NOTE: In order to use DGDECODE.DLL you MUST point to it in the DECODER area of the setup dialog and it must not be renamed (from DGDECODE.DLL). DVD-RB will default to MPEG2DEC3DG.DLL. Hats off to Neuron2 (Donald Graft) who is an MPEG Maestro.

  • Removed the “Add to AVS” checkbox from the setup screen. It was a source of confusion and probably should never have been implemented. If you enter a path in the “Path to Decoder” box – it will be loaded in every AVS file.

  • Created a new option under the “Mode” menu that allows you to use a different “Output” path. When selected, the output of VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders will be sent to that path rather than the “Working Path.” This allows users who are low on drive space and have more than one drive to write to two different areas. It also cleans the output up a little – reducing confusion as to which directories should be burned. You burn only what is in the output directory. If may also increase the rebuild speed. If the option is deselected, DVD-RB will work as it always has – writing all output to the “Working Path.”

  • Fixed an error in “Batch” mode in which some parameters from the saved .RDB file were being loaded and set incorrectly.

  • Note: It continues to be my intention to provide this package as freeware. But it is my belief that I should somehow reward those to took the time and effort to contribute to this project, either through donation or extraordinary testing support. In the future all new releases will be made to a list of VIPs/donators first. After some period (maybe 30 days) that version will be released in a “public” version. Those who helped through donations and special beta support deserve recognition. This is my way of saying “Thanks.” THE FIRST DONATOR RELEASE (IN A COUPLE OF DAYS) WILL SUPPORT MULTIPLE ANGLES AND ILVU (I’ve completed it and am testing it now).


  • Fixed an error in which the “Transcode” button disappeared when selecting/deselecting the alternate output directory while in one-click mode. Silly mistake.

Note from BlackWolf: For those of us who like this program, now would be a good time to consider sending a donation for the hard work done in the developement of this fine program.
Cheers BlackWolf!

Since this is a VIP release and it is not scheduled to be released all until November 30, you might consider this a preview of things to come. As always, if you like this program you might wish to help support it. This will probably be my last post on this program until the releases are available to all. I think for the purposes of this forum this would be the better policy.

Version 0.66, of DVD ReBuilder released 30 October 2004 to VIPs only:

Changelog (by Jdobbs of Doom9) since last version (v0.64a):

  • Corrected an error in which ReJig encoding failed during the “PREPARE” stage when working on a disc with ILVU and/or angles.

  • Corrected an error that incorrectly always set the “Aspect_Ratio=” variable in the .D2V file to 16:9. (No impact noted in previous version).

  • Found and fixed an error in which interleaved sources, under certain conditions could redirect the PREPARE and/or ENCODE date an incorrect directory.

  • Fixed an error in which Subtitles having an number higher than 9 would be incorrectly shown out of order in the “Subtitles to Keep” listbox.

  • Added support for “Skins” – user programmable definition files can be created that load backgrounds, set text, and allow you to customize the way you want DVD-RB to look. NOTE: When DVD-RB is executed it will automatically create a SKINS directory within it’s execution path! Several default files will then be created in that directory… these files define the default skins. Two defaults are provide. “Rockas Original” is the interface you’ve seen, as it was released in version 0.65. Also provide as a default is “Windows Standard” which is very similar to what you would have seen in version 0.64a. You can modify them, customize them, do whatever you want… but remember if you ever run into problems you can always delete the files – and DVD-RB will recreate them the next time it is executed. You can use the two default skins as a baseline for new ones you create. Simply copy the files, rename, and modify and you can play to your heart’s content. The name you use (e.g. “My Skin.txt”) when creating a new file, will be added to the “Skins” menu the next time DVD-RB is executed. The SKIN code is new – so some beta problems and feedback is expected.

A small update has been issed as 0.66a for VIP’s only. Maybe its time to think about a donation to the author if you feel you cant wait 30 days :smiley:

October 31st, 2004 (v0.66a)

  • Fixed the Rebuilder form’s header – removed “3” from the title
  • Fixed an error in which the Subtitles listbox wasn’t visible and could not
    be accessed.

Version 0.67, of DVD ReBuilder released 5 December 2004 to Public:

Changelog (by Jdobbs of Doom9) since last version (v0.66a):

Below is a summary of the changes/updates associated with this version. (Now available in Public Release).

  • Corrected an error that cause QuEnc to fail due to a “blank” .AVS filename.

  • Tweaked SCR calculations to more closely control STD Buffer size. This may reduce or eliminate reported audio dropouts on some players.

  • Added “Rewrite Defaults” option to the “Skins” menu. This will recreate the two standard interfaces in the Skins directory. The option is meant to provide a way to correct any mistakes created in editing the files. It can also be used to implement changes I may make to the standard interfaces.

  • Fixed an cosmetic error in which some residual color was included in “Folder” buttons.

  • Added control over placement of the AudioList, SubList, DTSCheckbox, and MinCheckBox objects in the SETUP dialog box. These were inadvertently left out of the last version.

  • To enable the last two fixes – YOU MUST SELECT “Rewrite Defaults” in the “Skins” menu so the lastest definitions are updated.