New Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x certified media with MID code "MKM-003"

I found here
the first scans of the new VERBATIM 8x certified DVD+R DL media with the MID code “MKM-001”
burned in a BenQ DW1640 at the speed of 8x with latest firmware BSIB

It was already possible to burn the 2 former Verbatim MID codes “MKM-001” [given as 2,4x certified] and “MKM-002” [4x certified] at the speed of 8x because the firmwares of the BenQ DW 1640 and the Plextor PX-740 allowed the “overseeding” of these 2 MID codes

To my knowledge these “MKM-003” are the first 8x certified medias in the DVD+R DL format
The scans look great, even better than the ones of MKM-001 and MKM-002 ??

Yeah, price should be like US$1.

100 packs please, with express shipping!

LOL. You’ll also find Quikee there begging for BenQ scans. LOL :bigsmile:

I knew Zevia would be drooling over these new disks! :wink: :bigsmile:

Do you really mean that the price of a Verbatim “MKM-003”
will be only about one US dollar a piece !??
I cannot believe such a price !
Please tell me where they will be available to this price?

The lowest price I have ever seen in Europe for a “MKM-001” (DVD+R DL 2,4x Verbatim)
was around 7 € …

I too find that hard to believe. CompUSA just had a “sale” on the 2.4x MKM001 discs and they were $12 for the 3 pack ($4 a disc) and that is dirt cheap by their regular pricing standards, so I have no idea how they are going to make 8x Certified D/L media for $1 a pop anytime in the near future.

There’s a special reason why zevia replied like that. :bigsmile:

If you have read my posts about DL media for a long time, you would have known I’ve said basically the same thing: If the DVD recordable industry want DL write-once market to grow, they should start mass production and lower unit cost to nearly the level of SL write-once. Without the DL media manufacturers doing that, nobody can be sure whether many people are going to burn DL media at 8x and 16x. I can’t predict whether anybody’s going to sell DL 8x media at US$1 per disk or when. Such things are decided by the senior managers and CEO’s, not by engineers or market analysts or consumer opinion leaders.

Let me say this at this time ( which I mean till the end of the year) it is completely unrealistic to talk about Verbatim/Mitsubishi 8x media going that low !!!

Such things are decided by the senior managers and CEO’s, not by engineers or market analysts or consumer opinion leaders.

Well in this case the engineers could tell you that the price you quoted there is a highly unrealistic option for 8x DVD+R DL mitsubishi media.

However we might see chinese dual layer -R media going below $3. But don’t expect quality !!

Hm. I meant it was a joke, not meant seriously, and zevia made another joke. I can remember even the first 24x CD-RW and 4x DVD+RW at launching were at least a few US$1 per disk.

I got 3 DL Burners, and not a single DL Disk! … I want $1 DL so i’ll sit here and wait …

I have buy Verbatim pearl white MKM 003… are good supports?

Where are they made (which country)? Verbatim “Pearl White” single layer media is / was made by Ritek, and not exactly the best Verbatim media available.

Made in India! Not single layer but double layer! what do you think?

Made in India Verbatim media, no matter if single or double layer, is made by Moser Baer (MBI). While the single layer Verbatims made by MBI are very good these days, sometimes excellent even, the same can not be said about the dual layer discs.

However, MBI made media in general seems to be improving lately, that’s why you simply have to try them out and see yourself.

But generally speaking, made in Singapore Verbatim DL media should always be prefered.