New utility: Nero Info Tool

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A new utility has been released by CD Speed 2000 with which you can easily view the most important information on your drives, disc and more.

Nero InfoTool is the latest member of the Nero…

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Too bad it doesn’t show the copy protection of a disc :wink:

I took a quick peek at the program and I must say it rocks! No need to install anything and very handy indeed when you want to check the DMA settings, the manufacturer of your CD-R, ASPI layer info, DVD drive changes left, supported read modes, supported write modes, etc, etc, etc… Love it already :*

that is Sweet! and you do not have to install any software just run exe!

This is a cool tool, he he! :slight_smile: But I find it strange that it reports that my ASPI-layer is the one of Nero when I in fact have Adaptecs latest ASPI-layer installed…!?

Nero sometimes (XP) uses it’s own ASPI layer, that’s why it reports as it does.