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I have various questions:

I just got anydvd and clonedvd2 registered last night and read the FAQ on how to use it but don’t know what DVD-5 is? I assume if I want to write to a DVD-R then I use that option on the screen (and that is what I did). I tried using the clone dvd option to backup a complete dvd and after the 2 hours of waiting for the dvd to be read, I put in my dvd-r and I got a message stating that there wasn’t enough room on the dvd-r. Is this normal? Also is my computer slow or is it normal for a complete dvd with commentary and featurettes to take 2+ hours to read before being written?

Also I generally use Ritek and Samsung DVD-R’s. Ritek is supposed to be one of the best to use and Samsung is supposed to be able to be read on most dvd players. Does anyone else use these?

Could someone post a sticky thread that lists the best media to use?
I read here that Memorex is not good to use and I don’t use that anyway.

I did make a backup copy of a Bob and Tom Show dvd I have and I burned it onto a samsung dvd-r and it was completed successfully but it won’t play or read on any of my dvd players, and I have played samsung dvd-r’s on them before. What is the deal with that?

Any answers would be much appreciated.



And as for my computer it is XP Home SP2, 2.0 ghz, 1.5 gb RAM. I turned off the screensaver while clonedvd and anydvd are running. Sony DVD burner DRU 720a.


I successfully burned a ritek dvd-r with just the movie and subtitles and it plays. I was surprised that while burning it I could still surf the net and check my email with little lag. I’d still like to know why I couldn’t completely clone the whole dvd though.


Hello Franson70, and welcome to the forum…

Since you seem to be new to DVD burning, here are some links I believe will help you out with alot of new user questions…

10 DVD newbie Tips

Some interesting information on blank DVD’s

Also, with the information you gave about your computer, it should not take that long to read a DVD or compress to be burnt…


Thanks HAMP, I’ll check those links out. I just tried that samsung dvd-r and the player read it and it is playing now. So I don’t know what the deal was with that. Maybe my norton firewall is eating up too much cpu time.


Norton is a resource hog use zone alarm it’s free.


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You might want to take a look here.


This is a very, very bad thing to be doing when making a backup. [I]Leave your computer alone during backups[/I] or set up a second dedicated backup computer so you can do your other work on your main computer while burning. Multitasking while making a backup can and will ruin a backup even when using the most reliable media available.

I don’t know anything about the Samsung media but ritek sucks for most. Buy Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or (Sony -R 1X-8X made in japan only). Get them online if your stores don’t carry them.



Thanks for the info. I still don’t know what DVD-5 is.


I see Verbatim comes in 4x, 8x and 16x. I read on one of the guides that 4x burning speed is better to use. Anyone agree?


Normal single-layer DVD-R / RW or DVD+R / RW discs are “DVD-5” (almost 5 GByte in size). Unless you want to burn Dual-Layer discs, leave the setting alone.


you mean 4.7 gb discs are dvd-5?


Ya … DVD5. And just to further confuse you, -R disks only hold 4.38GB of data. +R disks hold 4.37GB of data. A dual layer blank disk or original movie is called a DVD9. A flipper original movie with dual layer on one side and single layer on the other side is known as a DVD14. And a flipper original with dual layers on both sides is called a DVD18.

Don’t blame us … your the one who wanted to start backing up your movies! … :bigsmile:



Ok, now answer this ^^^ for me and also tell me what you prefer out of Verbatim, Sony and Taiyo Yuden.



Yes!! :bigsmile:

Provided the Sony’s are MIJ (made in Japan)… As far as TY vs. MMC, well either work. I guess I prefer Verbatim (MMC) because those are in abundant supply locally. TY and Sony MIJ are difficult, if not impossible, to find locally.


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I didn’t realize it until looking at one of those FAQs but my IDE’s weren’t using DMA but the dreaded PIO! I uninstalled them and now they are working under ultra DMA and I have noticed a big change in writing speed.


There ya go. Choose the “Forums” link at the top of any cdf page and cruise around the different cdf forum areas. Do some random reading if a thread title sounds interesting. You’ll pick up alot. Your first exam isn’t until 30 days after you joined.


I generally burn everything at 8x, whether the media is 4x or 16x. Seems to get the best results and quality is more important than speed to me. Takes approx. 8 min. to burn a full DVD, so why compromise quality for a 2-3 min.? Most newer burners with updated firmware will burn 4x at 8x with excellent quality. Download CD/CVDspeed to scan your discs and see for yourself.