New user with questions about disc quality scanning

I just got my new DW1620 OEM flashed to B7P9. I went out picked up some YUDEN000 T02 from Best Buy and burnt my first disc in 5:58 at 16x. Attached is the scan of the disc quality. Is it safe to consider anything above 90 is good to go? I dont want to continue burning these at 16x if the quality suffers and I am better off at 12x. Thanks!

Have you read the FAQ (linked to from the announcement at the top of the forum)? :wink:

Short answer: it’s fine.

I apologize Code still getting use to the layout of where things are at…

You might try at 12x and see what it looks like. See if you can get that PIF to single digits. There’s not much time difference between 12x and 16x.

I agree, 12x is better. I tend not to get that increasing trend near the end at 12x and the time difference is small. In my experience with the YUDEN000 T02, sometimes 16x burns are really nice (no increase at the end), sometimes they look like your scan.

Ditto !

Thanks for sharing.

IMHO…burn at 12x would be fine…would the extra 30secs cost you to miss a plane??..

You may actually get a faster burn at 12x. Anyway, the 16x speed is not used until the very end of the disc (right where that big error spike is).
Current writer technology sort of works like a car accelerating from zero to 60.
In this analogy, it demonstrates that the 16x speed is not used throughout the disc.
16x is “reached” by the end of the disc.

what brand were these being sold under at best buy??

Thanks for the replys, Best Buy has 100pack for $40 bucks…amongst all the cake boxes there was one package labeled 8x and Made In Japan…so I knew my chances were good. The cake box also looked different then the 4x ones as there was no lip at the bottom…

Oh my precious benq how I love thee, 8X Yuden and 16X

That’s a pretty good burn. Does your set top player agree with the last 20% of that video? I ask, because my particularly picky DVD player will get stuck, jammed, and go bonkers over TY medias unless they are burned at 4x.
Anyway, the disc is nicely within spec when read back on your BenQ, but not all players read so nicely, so do check usability with other players.
Scan is only 1/3 of the story, but your scan is very nice.

It seems to work well on my zenith dv-318 (component upscale for projector)…so I am overall happy. I have some old stuff I burned with my nec 2500a and these scans put that to shape…also the xbox (games) seem to work really well too…

Great news!