New User with PROBLEMS..!

I’ve just purchased an NEC 3520a DVD writer and I’m having trouble gettin it workin.

It appears fine in CMOS (BIOS) and XP recognises fine (although it does only say ‘CD-Rom device’ next to its name) and it seems to recognise that a CD has been inserted - problem is anything i put only pops up as ‘Blank CD’.

I’m running it on the same IDE cable as an older DVD drive, which seemed to be fine with my old writer - the NEC is set to master and the old drive to slave - the older drive works fine.

Where am I going wrong? Can you please help me?!


What are you using for burn software? Your software has to be new enough to recognize your 3520. Also is your cable UDMA?
There is a help section that answers most questions.

good luck

Check that the connector is properly attached to the NEC drive, or try to swap the positions of connectors and the drives, just for test, need to nake sure the cabling is OK and the older drive is working on the other connector, or need new cable. Also check that all the pins in the connectors are good and not bent. If that all is OK we look for something else.