New user plz spare a minute or two



i have recently acquired Nero 7 and yesterday i tried to burn a music CD.
i wanted too make one that could be played on any hi-fi.
as i read somewhere within the programme that it can normalise the mp3 files and make them into normal audio CD files.
i don’t know if this is the exact way it was in the software but anyway this is what i wanted to do.
burnt the CD and all files went on there it verified them too but thing is the disk does not play on my hi-fi.
now what i am thinking is that it would have played had the disk been a normal cd-r but as it was a CD-rw the hi-fi had difficulty reading it.
i don’t know all i want is to be able to play burnt cd-rw,s on my hi-fi !
but if someone with a bit more knowledge in this area can advise me i would be more than happy to consider getting cd-r,s instead or possibly connecting a DVD player to my hi-fi.
oh and the hi-fi is quite old but it does play cd-r,s i have burnt many years ago using an older version of Nero.
anyway thanks in advance people hope i can get this resolved a.s.a.p.
regards Dan


Welcome to CD Freaks.

It’s most unlikely that you an use Cd-RWs on your old hi-fi - even modern ones might have a problem - so I think you’ll have to get some CD-Rs and for these I’d suggest Verbatim.

Rather than use Nero I’d go for Burrrn ( which is free , only does Audio CDs ( from many different formats) & is generally excellent.

Burn slow at 16x as well.


i havent spent all that money to purchase Nero and then not use it.
can you explain why i shouldn’t use Nero for burning the audio Cd’s plz
thanks in advance Dan


I just reckon it’s easier to use & does handle more formats than Nero and often works when Nero fails.

But then I haven’t spent money on Nero 7, preferring to stick with Nero 6 for the limited things I do with it.


OK thanks for your advice.
i have downloaded the application and will see how it goes when i begin my mammoth task of burning on Monday.