New User, NEC 3540A questions

Hey guys, so I’m completely new to DVD burning and just got my first burner (the 3520A) along with some 16x media from newegg.

I’m trying to burn a dvd from an image using Nero Burning ROM but for some reason it is telling me that the only speeds I can choose from are 2.4x or 4x. Why can I not burn at 8x or 16x?

Any help would be appreciated.




I noticed that the image I was trying to burn was too big for my media, but another image yielded similar results. I could burn from 1x-6x but still not 8x,12x, or 16x


I just noticed there is a firmware update on nec’s website. Will this do the trick?

Hi :slight_smile:
Using latest f/w will help even official f/w 101 is in its 5th edition ( so even if you writers f/w is 101 you’ll probably benefit )
Try :bow: :bow: :bow:
While @ this site consider Liggy & Dee’s f/w ( brilliant ) :bow: :bow: :bow:
However the media you’re using may not show any improvement ( you don’t say what make ) & NEC are known to ( play safe ) with some makes of media by restricting speed

The media is RiData, but the burning speed is restricted before I even start the burning process (so it doesn’t know what kind of media I’m using yet).

Hi :slight_smile:
Ridata is a Ritek coated disc & at the moment seems to vary greatly in quality
I realise your new but still not enough info goto & download (free with ads) install & run program, with disc in drive click on media to get all the info
However I would reccommend you try some different media MCC or Tiayo Yuden

telling him MCC and Taiyo yuden is not going to help him since he is new to this stuffs. First, you need to upgrade on your firmware like Zadabee suggested. And about MCC Taiyo Yuden, he means buy Verbatim branded Discs and big brand like Fujifilm, TDK, Sony, Maxell that are made in Japan, make sure you check for made in japan because you will find some made in Taiwan and they are not as good, (Verbatim are mostly made in taiwan but they are very good).
And about going to update your firmware, read FAQs in NEC drive forum on how to upgrade your firmware.