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Hi all, i’m trying to backup some region 1 dvd’s so i can play them in the car, all i’m getting is a working copy but still in region 1, message ‘incorrect region’ shown on screen. Set up is AnyDvd running and showing ON:1, CloneDVD2 copies to hard drive and reduces size to 4GB, then i am buring the file using Nero by dragging and dropping files into video_TS folder…what am i doing wrong?? do i need to have ANYDVD running whilst i burn to DVD-R?? i have been copying the files using lap top then transfering them to the desktop with the DVD burner then using Nero, must be doing something stupid.

With AnyDVD (set to region 2) running and CloneDVD2 backing up, the output can be played in your car, for sure. :slight_smile:

What region are you in?

If you are in the USA don’t set the default region to 2 as the previous poster mentioned, region 2 is Europe.
Why are you using Nero to burn the VTS files?, why don’t you just use ClonedDVD for the whole process, much simpler that way.
Make sure you have the latest versions of CloneDVD( and AnyDVD(

AnyDVD should make your disk region free and capable of playing in regions 1-8.
To see what region you burned at you can download a free utility that will display who the manufacturer is of the media you used, as well as regions. You can download it at I have the registered Pro version 3.29 and it has the ability to change booktypes of several burner manufacturers. To see the burned DVD information click on the media icon, second from left on top. To change the booktype, click on the +RW icon. I’m not sure the free version has the ability to change booktype.

Have you tried played the burned DVD in a home player rather than the car?
Don’t know if the car player came with a manual but I would try to find out what disks it is capable of playing.

Last but not least, I always burn using DVD+ media and I have my Liteon burner set that it will change the booktype from DVD+ to DVD-Rom.
DVD-Rom is accepted by almost any player. To clarify, DVD-Rom is not a burn using DVD- Media. Check you burner and see if you able to change the booktype through it’s firmaware. Liteon’s have a software utility that can do this.

You are not just doing “new DVD”? You need to select “Video DVD” in the NEW-menu of Nero, and then drop your files to there, that should be enough…

No need to, AnyDVD works when you are reading the disk.

Also make sure you have region removal selected in AnyDVD…

Clarification is needed: as Olmari wrote it Region removal has to be set in AnyDVD. The idea, still having the Region removal option checked, to set to Region 2 was something else.

What concerns Regions. Region 2 is not Europe. It is Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Japan, to be precise.

And finally: Mark, I would suggest giving a try to DVDShrink and Nero. It is a simple procedure: you run DVDShrink (check within it to burn with Nero) and it will do the job, actualy with two clicks.
Good luck.

Yes it is diffirent, but it was already covered in earlier posts… Besides he need to put region selector in AnyDVD in that region what movie he is going to rip, so AnyDVD can fool RCE-protection. Not “best to select region 2”.

Basically he’d need to select everything else in AnyDVD’s first page except Movie trailer removal and PC friendly… Those are taste-issues and are not directly connected to copy protection removal.

Kiitoksia, ystävä.

You’re welcome

BTW, ives_mark, Does stuff work now? :cool: