New user dumb question

Sorry, for such dumb questions, but I have been getting
different advice from people who havd DVDFAB and
I have tried reading the tutorial.
My computer setup is on top I have a DVD player and
on bottom I have a Plextor 716 DVD burner.
I have been told that I cannot use the top rom because it is
only a DVD player.
So I used the bottom Rom and created a a video TS file on my
hard drive, but when I try to burn it I get a “failed to create
directory” error which I don’t understand.
Can I use the same rom as my “source” and “target”? (just take
out the orginal and replace it with a blank cd after it copies
it to a temporary file)
Sorry I am lost and the tutorial didn’t help.

Hi and Welcome to the forum. Yes you can use your Plextor as your source and destination. Just tell me what Version of DVD Fab you have. The free version is only a decrypter, you need DVD Fab Platnium to do this. The latest version