New user and good old NWN back-uping problem ;)

Hi all,
I’ve found this forum while I was seeking an answer on how to copy the third cd of Neverwinter Nights. Hi everyone :cool:
I am using CloneCD v. and Clony XXL v and to tell the truth I’m not very good at using them :slight_smile: You could call me a sunday burner 'couse I only use my LG CD-RW ( GCE-8320B ) once a month, only to back-up my work.

So I’ve done a first try like this :

  1. inserted the 3rd cd of NWN to LG DVD reader
  2. started CloneCD
  3. hit the “Read to image file” button
  4. inserted blank cd to CD-RW
  5. hit the “Write from image file”
    oh yeah and I’ve choosen the “Protected PC Game” option

I thought that everything went smoothly - I’ve installed the game using the 1st and 2nd originall CDs and the copied 3rd CD. Every thing went fine.
I’ve started the game with the copied CD and nothing :frowning: I mean - when I click start game - the black screen with NWN logo pops up, and then after a few seconds it disappears and that’s all :frowning: with the originall cd it works fine.

If someone could tell me - what shoud I do more ? and when is the time to use ClonyXXL :)))) ? I hope I won’t have to waste many other blank CDs trying ?

Please explain it to me like to a small child :slight_smile: Does my cd writer supports ale the essential techniques to manage to copy this cd ?
PS. I used the search button but all the explanations were to difficult for me.

PPS. sory for my english …

Well i don’t know about your burner but before any more wasting CDs, scan the CD you are copying with ClonyXXL. Report back here with whatever it tells you the disk is protected with.

Protection: SecuROM new ( written in bold, red )

and 6 skulls …

is that it ?

Have you tried patching to the latest version of NW nights, cause that removes the securom I think.

so every time I install NWN I’ll have to download a 16mb file to play ? Isn’t there another way ? I’d simply want to make an exact copy of the cd - without patching it every time when I intall it …

Before we go any further, have you read the Frequently Asked Questions post?

Have you read any of these posts? Or this one? This one?

Reliable subchannel reading is required. Are you playing from the burner? Yes? Hide the ATIP by checking Hide CD-R Media from the CloneCD Tray Icon

Originally posted by Gorskar
Have you tried patching to the latest version of NW nights, cause that removes the securom I think.
The latest patch still has securom enabled. Even if a patch removed the protection from the system securom is still and cannot be removed from the cd.

I’ve read some of those earlier posts and it didn’t help.
There’s no difference between playing the game from dvd or burner - CloneCD in tray has Hide CDR Media enabled …
Is there antyhing else I can do ?
PS. I’ve made the image of the 3rd cd with the DVD - maybe if I do it with a burner it will work - what do you think ?

We know that the burner will reliably read the data subs.
You should also use the Lite-On SecuRom {NEW} profile.

Stay in touch:D

FutureProof sory asking lame questions all the time but I’ne got to be sure :slight_smile:
I sam earlier those new profiles for CloneCD here - but I thought they are for LiteON CDRWs only. Which profile shoud I use ? Do i need to download all of them ?
And finally You think that if i do the image with the burner with CloneCD with a new profile and then burn it, it will work ?


The profile for the Lite-On was required when reliability became a big factor. My 24102B for example could only do WC3 and NWN with Regenerate “on” and audio subs “off” for the read and this is the basis of the profile. The LGs never had any trouble I can recall. You should d/l them all to the profiles folder.

Read and write with the burner and play from the DVD. The only lame question is the one not asked…you know the cliche.