New User: Subtitles partially missing

Hi All,
I have used DVDFab to copy the disc ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ to Vob files (Main Movie only).
When I play this I get the Japanese language and the English subtitles as expected.

I then go and do a conversion of this using the generic profile, and what happens is that the subtitles intermittently disappear. For example at approx 12 minutes two characters are conversing in a tent. The subtitles are showing only for one of the characters…

Any suggestions?


Can’t imagine what would cause this. I have the original but have never done a conversion with it. I will try it later if I have time and post results.

That would be great if you could.
I think I might try ripping and encoding from the DVD in one step and see if that changes the result.

I have tried ripping directly from the DVD with exactly the same result.
Tomorrow I wil try the beta version to see if that helps.
I have an extract from the AVI which is 20MB in size that demonstrates very clearly the problem…

Changing the resolution of the output to 1024x428 and the subtitles all work. Change it back to 720x300 and they fail.

If finally had time to try this and while it worked for me, the single line subtitles did not render well–they looked like the bottom of the letters were chopped off or faded. I did the conversion at 480X2xx with H.264. I am still experimenting with this. The default colors for these subs are very muted and that may be part of what I am seeing. I am going to try changing them and see if it works any better. I am using chapter 3 for these tests, the same scene you mentioned.