New USB2.0 writer: Plextor 24/10/40U

I just posted the article New USB2.0 writer: Plextor 24/10/40U.

Plextor Europe sends us a press release of their latest product, the Plextor 24/10/40U. This USB2.0 drive writes at 24 speed, rewrites at 10 speed and reads at 40 speed, has Burnproof to prevent…

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Japan… now Europe… Plextor America, where’s our USB 2.0 writer?

What’s the big deal about a model not being available in the states?

No big deal about the new Plextor not being available in the states. Most computers out there don’t have USB 2.0. It’s not going to work at the full speed if you don’t have USB 2.0.

Let us get one for SCSI instead… :slight_smile: Plextor give what we customer wants !!!

Honestly, I’d rather have an external USB 2.0 model than SCSI. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would rather SCSI as well, much more reliable than IDE or USB crap, no offence. I am a SCSI man, and will never change :8

It should say “reads at 40 speed”.

Oops :wink: Fixed it for DoMi :wink: Thanks.

Oops indeed :wink: Thanks GF :slight_smile:

interceptor one day you will change :g as there is less and less SCSI burners out there. other thing is i have on one system full scsi HDD,CD,CDRW even including my scaner then on other system i have 16/10/40 LG and 24/10/40 liteon and i can burn cds and play games or run any programs i want without a smallest slow down even justlink sounds like waste of time unless i’m doing copy on-fly and reader can’t keepup. other thing is that i don’t remember to have one coaster yet because ide not being reliable as SCSI. if you ask me SCSI isn’t worth extra money and its lots of extra money only place scsi make sense is raid controlers for big servers other then that it is crazy to pay extra and get nothing back like with burners no supprise here that all players on market stop making SCSI drives. just 2 years ago you would have almost every burner in two options ide or scsi and i’m sure they know what they doing. p.s. my spelling sucks for sure as always so sorry about it.

:7 The Big News Is that USB 2.0 IS FANTASTIC! It is much faster than SCSI - any SCSI currently available. But that’s not all, it doesn’t give the headaches that are not uncommon with SCSI. I currently run both a SCSI Plextor 820 and a USB2.0 Que DVD-R/Ram burner on my system. I can tell you from my own experience that as soon as I can eliminate the SCSI I am! That means as soon as I can get my hands on a Plextor or LiteOn that is USB 2.0, I am off and running! :wink:

best of all will be that soon most computers will have usb 2 and firewire as stanard on board just like today we have usb so you going to be able take your burner anywhere you want and just plug it in. what about usb power specification ? is it able to power external drive without need for extra power unit and more cables ? i don’t think so but also hope i’m wrong :slight_smile:

robo21 i’m not sure but if i remember well usb 2.0 is about same speed as firewire and that would be 400mbps so more less 40MBytes/s so scsi is still faster but for sure not as practical as usb or firewire