New USB Card- Just says Unknown Device?

Hi I have bought a USB Firewire combo card and haven’t been able to get it to work. I didn’t get any installation CD’s with it when I bought it so I haven’t installed anythiong for it. It just says Unknown Device when ever a plug a USB device into the card. Is there something that I have to install to get it to work? Let me know if you need any more information.
Thanks NaTH98

If it’s USB2, you probably need to install the USB2 driver. Need more info on your system and OS. Does the firewire work? Who makes the card, and have you visited their site to look for a driver?


Hi I think it is USB2. I’m not sure who makes so I haven’t looked for any drivers for it but I’ll tell you what it says on there: CEFC then under than it has USB 1394. theres also a number - 0606 with a symbol next it with is sorta like a H in a circle. I pretty sure it works. I think it just needs some drivers or something because it picks up that I plug a device into the port but it cant identify it: it just says unknown device. My system um - windows xp (SP2), p4 1.7ghz, 1 gig ram is that what you need to know?
Thanks for your help :iagree: NaTH98

Do any of those names or no.s sound like brands or manufacturers?
Thanks guys NaTH98

What does it say on the chip?

ill just check
Thanks for your help

It has two chips on it that both say VIA. There are no.s underneath this that are VT6214L and VT6306.
Thanks NaTH98

What OS are you running?

I have Microsoft Widows xp professional. Is that what you mean? Have you got any ideas?
Thanks NaTH98

You could peruse these links. Syba has a driver for USB and sez you don’t need a driver for firewire. Assuming I found the right board, that is.

Have you checked Device Manager to see if you have firewire(IEEE 1394)? It may show up in the Network Adaptors section.

this isn’t actually it but ill give the drivers a go, it might work who knows.
Thanks NaTH98

If you havent try installing SP2, otherwise something is very wrong with your current installation. These are stoch USB/Firewire chipsets that works out of the box.

That’s right, it should work with the standard XP SP2 drivers. You can check in Device Manager whether it’s installed correctly (no exclamation marks etc.). Even so, it could be an incompatibility with that specific device you’re trying to connect. As a last resort, try putting the card in a different PCI-slot (first or second would be best).