New update from Samsung: TS-H552U DVD-RW drive

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  Samsung has updated its Writemaster line  with the new TS-H552U multiformat, dual-layer-capable DVD. The updated drive can  now burn dual-layer discs at 6x, DVD+R at 16x and DVD-R at 16x....
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… bah - whatever happened to 6x-RW and 8x+RW?

Actually, the drive can write to DVD+R DL media at 6x now. Firmware US03 - DL speed increased to 5x Firmware US04 - DL speed increased to 6x The DVD-R writing speeds aren’t right on Samsung’s website either. It can write to both DVD+R and DVD-R at 16x.

…and the writing-quality? Can it burn a readable media at more than 8x?