New update for Slysoft's AnyDVD

I just posted the article New update for Slysoft’s AnyDVD.

Earlier this week Slysoft came with updates for both AnyDVD and CloneDVD, but already a few days later we see a new update for AnyDVD: update
Two new features are added with this update and…

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Say what you will about Slysoft, but they’re on Blu-ray’s ass with a hot poker. Sony will NEVER be able to outsmart them. Sony should just lie down and die. Or stand up and die, it makes no difference to me.

hey duke do you have any kit with the word sony on it ? i get the feeling you dont like that wionderfull company called sony who are at the end of the day just looking after the bizness.

@ sony worshipper Yes. I have a Sony VCR. I used to have a receiver, but it died. I also had a carousel-style DVD player, but sold it a few years back. I used to love Sony products. Then they turned on us. :r

Uhmm, more has been revealed, on this strange fixation on Sony. So, you two were in love and there was a fight and now you hate your former lover. It was probably a painful experience. I see… :wink: Maybe, if you give time for the wound to heal, it would not pain you so much? Who knows, maybe the relationship could be rekindled? Give it some distance, some time, people say that time heals everything? Who knows, maybe one of these days you wake up and find yourself with a reinvigorated passion for Sony?

@ johnzap “Who knows, maybe one of these days you wake up and find yourself with a reinvigorated passion for Sony?” With my luck I’ll wake up with a horse’s head next to me. No thanks.

Slysoft may very well be the sole cause for Blu ray to succeed. Without it, the Bluray concept is pretty useless in todays world of home entertainment. I am just afraid if Bluray does take off, Slysoft will then be targeted for shutdown. Then what will we do?!?!? BOYCOTT BLURAY NOW! :d

Crabbyappleton wrote “BOYCOTT BLURAY NOW!” Crabby your comments in the news section are the only one worth reading.May i remind you that the Seed has been sown,and the hated BLURAY will GROW and GROW.