New -unreleased- Lord of the Rings movie already sold in China

I just posted the article New -unreleased- Lord of the Rings movie already sold in China.

It looks like a new habit, movies available for sale or download before their official release. Wheter people working in the movie industry leak the movies to illegally earn some money, or to hype…

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It looks like the Movie Industry will have to prioritise on securing against leaks over securing the official releases. I.e. strong copy protection within the industry and not just the customer end :wink:


Encryption will not solve the problem as it’s been said a million times that encryption only stops home users not pirates. Nor will tightening who gets ahold of advanced copies because there will still be leaks. The only way the industry can put a permenant upperhand on pirates would be te beat them at their own game, and deliver movies to the theaters faster that pirates can dupe and sell them. This means that old analog (aka physical) methods of reel don’t cut it. Digital projectors are still only a toy but as they improve they’ll get cheaper and better. To date there is no digital projector that equals the quality of reel but I heard some new ones currently running in a British theater is damn close. With digital projectors movie houses could then beam movies to theaters over a private satellite link and deliver the movies weeks faster because: #1 the movies don’t have to be mailed and #2 the movie houses don’t have to spend weeks pressing thousands of reels.

that is false. well harry potter is out there, that i do know. not that good thou. :slight_smile: But no two towers. I have a few of theese ‘Two Towers’ they are offering in Shanghai. None of them are Two Towers, they are either other movies or dont play at all. Ofcorse, maby just bad luck but not likely, wouldn’t we have seen it by now? :slight_smile:

the movie was officialy presented yesterday so, from this day forth, we can start looking forward for this seriously :wink: :4

The fake 2Twrs version was already offered 2 months ago in Shanghai. Maybe they now have a new ‘real’ version ? Anyway there is already an extended edition from The Two Towers on the net: the size is a huge 4 (recordable)dvd’s big. movie + comments, no extra’s :r

Woo Hoo!!!, The Two Towers!! Coming to an IRC Channel Near You!!!

I wonder if this is on ShareReactor yet?

I wish all non profit swapping of the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers the best of luck. Property is physical, not intellectual. If someone is illegally copying and selling the movie Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, I don’t care what kind of luck they have.

Did I read that right? US $1 for a pirate DVD? Geez, the cheapest I’ve found 1x DVD-Rs is about US 58 cents, and that was in a quantity of 200! How can the pirates even make any money selling them that cheap?

If The Two Towers was out already, you’d have heard about it on IRC or in the newsgroups before the media mentioned something about it. There’s been no mention of any of the big (not to mention fast) groups putting this movie out yet. The last few big releases have been Treasure Planet, Equilibrium, Harry Potter 2, and a screener of The Warrior. None of them pre-releases this time. With all the fuss the MPAA makes over pre-releases these days, they should be concerned about things like TCF’s rip of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which is a DVD screener :slight_smile: It was out on December 4th, but the DVD doesn’t hit stores until February 11th… 2003. Now that’s a pre-release!

I wouldn’t watch LOTR: The Two Towers anywhere but in the theatre. There is no comparison. We have waited a year for TTT, why ruin the experence and watch it on a PC, or a crappy Jap DVD. See it in the theatre folks, it is one of the very few that is actually worth the price of admission.

Yep I cant wait to see it at the theater, i bought the Felloship of the rings extended edition, never watched a move so many times in my life. Screw the handy cam gay rip.