New unofficial Winamp classic version released, v2.95



I just posted the article New unofficial Winamp classic version released, v2.95.

WolfymoZ lets us know that a new Winamp classic version was posted on the Winamp forums. This version, 2.95, isn’t available on the Winamp Classic website yet, meaning…

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no surprise, not long after announcement of Winamp5, they’re also working HARDER on Winamp2, isn’t the world great…:slight_smile:


They’re working so hard they forgot to code Winamp 4 :o


well, winamp 2 + winamp 3 = winamp 5 - simple, isn’t it ? :stuck_out_tongue:
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So explain why didn’t Sierra code ‘Leisure Suit Larry 4’ then smartass? :B


as soon as they re-write the mp3 decoding engine so it sounds better I’ll be a happy camper and consider switching back


twit, what’s wrong with the mp3 decoder? I understood that from version 2.7 the decoder was fully compliant, and that has been tested by academics. Anyway, even if you don’t like the decoder, you can download supposedly superior quality plugins such as MAD from for free. What player do you use?


psshhhh winamp 2 already has the best feature of WA3, the media library! Everything else about WA3 is useless filler. Hell Winamp 2.9 should be renamed Winamp 2 GOLD and 5 better not use any of the CPU draining routines of 3… so i say Winamp 2.9x + REAL improvements better d= Winamp 5


Your reasons right here :wink: