New Universe announces DDW-082 dual format DVD recorder

I just posted the article New Universe announces DDW-082 dual format DVD recorder.

New Universe (Nu-Tech) has sent us a press release in which they announce the availability of their latest DVD recorder, the NU DDW-082. The drive will have the same features as the NU…

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Never heard of them…who’s drive have they cloned?

They’re also known as Nu Tech, does that ring a bell?

at the nu hp ther is 8x DVD-R and 4x DVD-RW.this drive use philips technics.

No I don’t think so…but maybe vaguely if I trawled the depths of my warped and twisted mind…! :d

Gristy, NuTech makes their own drives, no clones. They’re considered up-and-coming, with some of the fastest write times for +R media out there. Their -R support is average, but they’re showing a good commitment in releasing firmware updates on a regular basis. The drives are also competetively priced, at around $100-120. Their earlier drive, the DDW-081 is supposedly upgradeable to the -082 with firmware. With a little hacking, the even earlier DDW-061 can also be upgraded to similar status.

NuTech is the retail brand for Quanta Storage, launched mid 2003

I have the ddw-081/082!! Nu has released firmware upgrades which make the 081 into the 082. It burns +/- R/RW well. I would buy it again!!!

We also have an unit available. Review should be done soon.