New type of USB port announced

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I tweeted about it too, but I created the account yesterday evening, so don’t expect servers to yield from the traffic provided by my “effort” to spread the word…


Be great if Apple would use one of these.

I’m glad to see that “reversibility” has finally been a concept embraced by the USB engineers. RCA jacks have been available since ?? and their stereo-versions a few years after that. Even the round-tube Plus-Minus Electrical Connectors have been functional for decades.

Standards are great - you can’t have too many of them!

While reversability is a good idea, another new connector is NOT - just as we get used to a unified micro-B standard for phone data / charging, they go and do THIS!

I wonder if it’s not possible to standardize on 2 or 3 round connectors for everything.

One for electrical, one for data, and probably one for combined data-electrical (maybe a deeper plug?).

Then I suppose they’d argue High & Fast Data vs. Lower Rates - for example, Live Video vs. Storage Data. But so what? “Create everything for High Data Rates and let devices’ own circuitry offer buffering - it does, anyway.”

I just hope that they don’t see a “need” to create a 4-pin Mini-Din connector. Or worse, they could create something that requires the users’ devices to be HDCP-complient. Heck, maybe they’ll just be a pain, and create some fifteen-pin cord that needs to be manually screwd in.

At any rate, I sure hope that, if nothing else, this new connector will reduce (or better yet, eliminate) the need for proprietary connectors.

“You need a replacement cord for your phone? We’re the only ones that make a cord for that model.”

About time for sure.