New type of ransomware shares browsing history with contacts

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Antivirus company McAfee has discovered a new type of mobile ransomware that doesn’t encrypt data, but collects photos and the browsing history and then threatens to share that with the victim’s contacts. Victims have to pay a ransom of $50 if they want to prevent that.

So this is for android… well google need to work more on their store and check more what apps do, so this does not happen especially with apps that are from the play strore, for the rest its a risk that they have to take.

Fingerscrossed that you dont have any personal naked pictures :slight_smile:

This is why I prefer to use F-Droid. All apps on F-Droid are vetted by a community of free (as in freedom) software developers, so there’s virtually no chance of this happening. Unfortunately, F-Droid doesn’t have the vast selection of apps Google Play has, so you won’t find an app for everything. But those apps it does have are priceless in my book.

I only need a few apps, the main one is the one that I use to listen to music, now that I think about it I only have one app installed on my phone.

[quote]The ransomware is called LeakerLocker and is currently bundled with apps on the Google Play Store like Wallpapers Blur HD and Booster & Cleaner Pro.[/quote]Here’s what I don’t get do this so called techie not do some homework before using apps that benefits them nothing?