New TY cdr

Does anyone know where to buy That’s CDR-A80GP5 discs?

In the USA, you can get TY CDR’s most anywhere. is as good as any place to get them.
“Thats” brand is not sold in the USA, but it is the same thing.

I’ve checked on several websites, but they don’t seem to carry the particular disk I was looking for. The CDR-A80GP5 is their new, ceramic coated, gold disk.

Fat chance of us unwashed American heathens seeing such high-quality media. We can’t tell the difference between good and bad discs you know.

Bought 200 That’s CDR-80WTY10PV in Jewel cases but many found scratched. Bad quality control. Nice looking discs though with ceramic coat. Very difficult to find good quality cdrs for archiving at the moment everything is CMC or worse.