New Twilight DVD page is FINISHED please have a look



I have just finished my Twilight DVD page please have a look @ Http:// & mail me ( what you think about it)


Sorry, it sucks. Flash sites are unprofessional and ugly


Auwts that gotta hurt.

give him a break he had to pay for all the domainnames so he has to something with it.


the link didn’t work for me.
but to react to vinny…hahahaha! flash sites rule bigtime…if it doesn’t look good it’s not the fault of the program : it’s the fault of the programmer!
just check this site <a href=“”>david gary</a> and then say flash sites suck again!


I know what you mean but I do not prefer Flash sites. Guys like David and Webtrips are very good Flash artists, and others like Wild Pidgeon make a mess of it. Still, I prefer HTML


Ow yeah I forgot to all you guys: There is one site that really rules. Check out Pico! (OK sounds sucky, but it’s very kewl)


The site that rules the most is :


If you are looking for a REAL KICK ASS SITE go to

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There are two things which make a site good.
Content and design.
Well For the DVD-site, i hope you are good with the content.

And Vinni, Flash kicks ass. go see (good flash, strong content)


Hi @ll

What the hell is wrong with this site? I always get an Error when i want to visit the dvd-page. Also it seems to suck, when i read the replys. hehe



PS: I will stop posting here about the TL DVD site … greetings & no offense ! Wild pigeon


flash is the worst thing ever
completely not interactive…
learn mysql/php3… way cooler