New TV for us here at the Dartman estate

Got my tax refund direct deposited a few weeks ago and we’re all caught up on bills so decided to check out a new TV for us. Seen a lot of info and reviews for Hisense 4K TV’s with HDR for super cheap prices yet they have excellent picture quality and 4 year warranties. Went to my closest Best Buy with supposed stock and all they had was the 50" on display and I wanted a 55. The 50 uses the same local dimming and HDR support so looked at it and it looked fine but of course they had no 55’s left in stock but could order me one from the next closest store and ship it free to my house. Decided to just drive over to said store as they claimed to have some in stock. They only had the 50 on display too but we talked about the pros and cons of this cheap set and guy asked if I wanted one and I said sure. He checked, 2 in stock, went back and couldn’t find any. I said I just drove in bad traffic for a hour from Gresham so he said he’d double check. He came out and said he did find 2 high up where nobody saw em and would get me one down.
They finally wheeled one out on a cart, I paid 549.95 for a 55" set and we loaded it in sisters 300m that the seats fold down in. Now that it’s home this set just blows away my old Sony 50" HD LED set, Sharper, brighter, better black level, and that was just playing 1080p stuff from cable. I have Prime and decided to watch the rest of The Grand Tour and it fed my TV 4k episodes beautifully, smooth, sharp, awesome picture even while streaming over my wired network.
55 is quite a bit bigger then my old set but still fits my media rack/shelf setup, thought about the 65 but it was 800 bucks and doesn’t do full array local dimming like this one does so between extra cost and MAYBE not looking as nice stayed with the 55.
IF any of you are think you want a nice 4k set but don’t want to spend 1500 to 3000 I’d highly recommend this set, or even take a chance on the 65 as even though it’s only edge lit local dimming the reviews are still very good and it’s 700 this week, a lot of set for the money and supports HDR too.
It does have a LOT of smart functions including Amazon video, Net Flicks, and a bunch of others and many support 4k streaming,Prime and Netflicks are supposed to if you have a account now.
I picked this set up the 12th and just put a articulated wall mount up this week for it, makes life a lot easier and clears space on my media cabinet/stand for other toys.
This set has been has cheap as 400 bucks, but normally sells for 550 which is what I paid not wanting to wait for another sell on it. The 65 is on sale till Sunday for 700 too so will be off sale tomorrow for anyone wanting a huge but cheap set.

Get longer warranty in the UK.!/product/HISE-55M5500
But pay nearly the equivilant of $850.
Still regarded as a bargain here. :astonished:

Well at least you get a couple more years of warranty for all the extra money you have to pay. I guess it’s part the vat taxes and shipping to get them to England but as you can tell I’m very impressed with the quality vs price. Been redoing all my cables and things and watched a Blue Ray movie today and was tweaking the settings for video on my player and the set. It turns out all the inputs remember the settings so you can customize the picture for every device plugged in. That was getting common on major label sets but not so much on the bargain sets.
I would highly recommend it to anyone on a budget who wants a nice feature packed 4k set cheap. You can label all the inputs too and it has 4 hdmi, plus most of the other legacy inputs we all used to know and love plus one Optical output too for older gear. The local dimming does appear to sorta work too, Very good black levels.