New toys... :)



Picked them up today while shopping around (on vacation). Can’t test them until I get back to the states, but they sure look pretty. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, I can pick up a S15 when/if it gets released next time I’m around.


Oooh. Very nice toys KTL :clap:

Lovely faceplates :iagree:


Wow it’s very nice KTL :clap:
Why PIO not sold in US [B]A series [/B]writer :a


Drooling… :smiley:

Those drive face plates would fit perfect in my black burning case, the Antec Nine Hundred.

Only have a bunch of beige BenQ’s and a Pio 115 (plus a few drives with black face plates also).


KTL nice score man.


You lucky one!!

XL driveyyyyyyyyyy.