New touchscreen LCD for sale

I have a new Entuitive ELO 19.5" touchscreen monitor / tv for sale…
You can use it as a Tv or monitor, it has every needed input (DVI, S-Video, RCA, VGA, audio RCA & MIDI in’s & outs) I use my other one in my theater room which is connected to my computer where all my audio and video is stored…all I do is touch the screen and I’m watching a movie on my 120" screen. It’s the same touchscreen that Tweeter uses in all their demo rooms, to choose between systems. I think it sells for $1100 or more but I’ll sell this one for $500 or what ever you guys find for a price on the internet (I’ll give you a good deal) I’ll also swap for other A/V hardware…I can sweeten this offer if anyone has a newer DLP to get rid of.

e-mail or call my cell, I think it’s 508-439-2474


oh…I forgot, can use a credit card to purchase this touchscreen if you want…and the LCD is about 3" thick with 1" trim around the screen. I can send Pics…


hey, just thought I’d reiterate one of the “READ FIRST” threads in this forum:

The rules:

* First and most importantly, all posts in this forum must be relating to retail/warehouse items for sale, nothing that belongs to you, or is from your own company/online store.
* If you want to advertise Your products or services, you can contact Domin8tor for prices of banners and other sponsorship options.

sorry about that…it was just an unwanted x-mas gift from a family member. I’ll sell it at another site. Do the same [silly] rules apply for trading?

i’m pretty sure. every forum has “read first” stickies because they’re meant to be read before posting! give the rules a once over and find out.

it’s ok though…we’ll spare you from the newbie beatings just this once :stuck_out_tongue:

I know…dont feel like reading through pages of rules though. Figured this site must be simular to others I belong to, on most you can sell what ever you want. It seems backwards here…Why charge the one or two item home owner looking to sell some unwanted junk? It would seem more logical to charge the warehouse / retailers that can now use this site for free and make a ton of money…or place a cap on private sales.
If this site wants to create more traffic then they should let the people who have one or two items to sell do it. Who goes to cdfreaks to find out whats on sale at Best Buy? in some other state?

It would also make for a tighter community, people who have similar interests would be interacting with each other. Doesn’t look like the right site for me…too restrictive for no good reason. Reminds me of Massachusetts.

i always read rules before posting in forums. all forums are different. But yes, you’re right that plenty of forums do allow such postings, but this one doesn’t.

FYI: the bargain basement forum is frequented MAINLY by people looking for what’s on sale at the chain stores each week. we help each other out to ffind good deals at different stores.

chain ads are good nation-wide and there are threads for international deals as well.

since this thread is not only against rules but already off-topic I might as well go a little more off topic while we’re at it…I think it’s good that they don’t allow personal sales. It’s so easy to rip each other off when it’s just a name on the other end of the computer with no accountability precautions in place. Someone would inevitably get ripped off then want to hold cdfreaks responsible for it. I’m by no means saying that’s what you’re trying to do, and plenty of forums do allow personal sales and trading, but unfortunately this isn’t one of them. sorry :slight_smile:

**also, with this post I’m not trying to steal the mod’s job. i just wanted to make some guesses as to why this rule was in place.

***I’m sure this thread will be deleted or closed anyway so my postscripts and explanations won’t even matter haha.