New Toshiba SD-R6372 Slim drive for laptops



I have a tecra 8100 (4 yrs old) and have been looking for
DVD burners for this laptop. I recently discovered both
the SD-R6112 and SD-R6372. A few have discussed the
SD-R6112 on this forum. I’m interested in the dual format
SD-R6372 (made by Toshiba). Anyone have this drive? Not
too many vendors carry this drive. The best price I’ve
seen is $169, but I’ve seen them go more for about $199
when you factor in shipping/handling/taxes etc. Know where
I can get one of these drive at a more resonable price?

Here are some specs and info about this drive:


That sounds very good to me. I also need DVD burners for my notebook systems. My Dell Latitude D800 has only CD-ROM drive. :sad: