New TOS could signal PS3 bans from PlayStation Network

New TOS could signal PS3 bans from PlayStation Network.

[newsimage][/newsimage]If you’ve modified your PS3 recently, you could soon be facing a ban from PlayStation Network. 

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Bah …
Until they bring in MKV & decent H264 support … there’s not much point to connecting to the PSN anyway, and certainly not agreeing to the “Sony reserves the right to sacrifice your first-born son” clauses that seem to be creeping in with every update from sony … Speaking of creepy … well… yeah!

Word is spreading that a new Terms of Service update for PSN is going to take place during a scheduled maintenance outage on Thursday, November 18th for PS3 owners in Europe, Africa, and Australia. The update is reported to be bringing the TOS for those customers up to the same standards that North American customers have been agreeing to since their last update in June of this year.

This means that with the current TOS, you are allowed access to the PSN even if your PS3 is modded any way you like!

Sony, creator of the PS3: “If you mess with our hardware, which you bought, then you are not allowed access to PSN ever!”

L33t haxor with totally modded PS3 which can now simulate any war scenario in existence while playing Gran Turismo 5: “… and how exactly is that a bad thing?”

best thing would be to not buy the console in the first place! if you have or do buy it, you should be able to do what you want with it, not continuously have to do only what Sony want. had they made the thing able to do what customers want in the first place and have managed to get it to do since, there wouldn’t be the need to keep updating it. continuously forcing customers to use a legally purchased piece of hardware (or software) in ways that only they ‘allow’ is too restrictive. i dont need Ford’s permission to change things on my car, do i?

The devices are sold, not leased. Me, I’m not interested in modding mine, but you have the right… you bought it… you did not sign an agreement at point of sale. The PSN… well, that is another issue. I say open source networking for gaming… make it happen.

And agree… the PS3 needs mkv playback support. Doubt it will happen though.