New topic moderator



Well boys & girls
if you have may noticed, I'm the new topic moderator, so is my "friend" Ruff-Next gangsta.

And if you got any related questions mail me or Ruff Next. I will do all i can, what i can to help you guys.

I only want you to remember that you have to post you're posts on the right topic form.

No hard feelings I hope.




And you where chosen because you have 300 posts ?


That played a roll. But it wasn’t the only factor! Or was it???


Well Haai everybody,

I’m glad to be of service at any time, when i’m online.

Like Mattel007 says: we are here to HELP you. and keep the nasty posting away.

So lets rock and roll…

party people.


i’ve mailed 3 hard core forum guys if they wanted to be moderator…
based on number of post and personal impression and just how they respond to other people’s posts etc…


No you heard the “pro” speaking.
Do you now know everything you need to know?


Congratulations Mattel007!

Good luck!

Big Daddy


so did duke “resign” or what? anyway, congrats.


He started to getting to busy, and we offer him our help.He didn’t resign, in my eyes he can always reclaim his job, if he wants to


Hi there,

I’ve got a question. What do you have to do as moderator?

Do you only have keep the forum in good lines. Make sure the posts are at the right place?

Grtz Ruud


He Ruudje,

You got that right, but also we willing to help other people with answer to there questions.

Nothing is chanced only now we can close topics and stuff like that. But only if people [most of the times newbies] would not take the time to post there questions in the right forums.



i didn’t resign…
i still moderate three forums and i’ve got administrator status so i can moderate any message in any forum i want…
but i could use a hand so i’ve requested some help

i’m busy doing some others things for cdfreaks at the moment…


Oh wel, congratulations ( of hoe je het ook spelt)


Good Luck Matel007. I think you deserve to be a Moderator you’ve helped me out on more than one occasion. Keep up the good work.

Ch5 Micky


Thnx, for all the good stuff about me, like i said, i’ll try to help where ever i can.

I’ll be in touch with ya all


Great job U 2!
See ya around!