New toolbar after reformatting

Hi all,
I reformatted my xp computer and now have a toolbar on IE for ringtones, online dating, online casinos,etc,etc. Does anyone know how to get rid of this? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi :slight_smile:
I know someone who had this problem. Regardless what he tried nothing worked & he’s now using FireFox.
I’m using IE 7 beta which so far has proved excellent, especially at keeping the c**p out. Sorry lost link for this I’ll post.

Try downloading and running Spybot and CW Shredder see if that helps. Also if you don’t have a firewall turn on the windows firewall in Control Panel> Nework connections>Network conection properties> advanced. May help to stop more spyware. Not sure though. Sounds like the smithfraud virus/SPYware a real PITA. You can do a Google on how to get rid of it.:slight_smile:

it seems like you have no anti-spyware installed.

Ad-Aware SE Personal v1.06
Microsoft AntiSpyware

install and run all 3 they are free for personal use.

also use Firefox instead of IE.