New tool: BWA Editor

I’ve written an Editor for BWA Files (full source code included).

More info here:

It allows to manually tweak your BWA files before using them with Blackcheck’s TwinPeak or with BlindWrite (v4.2.5 ;)).

Comments and feedback about your findings and experiences with it are welcome.

nice link, but unfortunately my Russian is as bad as my Chinese. :wink:

regards, sven

And mine is ever weaker than my Vietnameese…

Do you really believe that all sites hosted on dot ru domains are in Russian ?

Please, tell me that you were just kidding :confused:

sorry, if I use your link I find myself on this site:

Some more people complained about the link being down, I have no clue why, here it works without any problem!

No problem here either

Mirror of the file. I can make a mirror of the entire website as well if that is appreciated and okay with Logos.

Originally posted by Sheepfriend
sorry, if I use your link I find myself on this site:

What about taking three BWA files and figuring out which of them is closest to the truth by the two most similiar probably being correct? I wouldn’t mind adding this in, if you don’t want to…

@Sheepfriend (and for those with a non-working link): I’m sorry for this, it seems to be a DNS problem. I’ve just created the account, and some DNS servers may need some time to update :frowning: It may also be caused by some proxy (for the same reason). Anyway the page is hosted by, and landing on their 404 is strange…
BTW Internet seems to be ill since some days. I’ve been unable to reach google and for the whole afternoon.
If the problem persists keep me informed by PM, I’ll try to switch hosting.

@DoMiN8ToR: Thanks for the quote in CDFreak’s news :slight_smile:

@Mr. Belvedere: Thanks, feel free to mirror and post your link :wink:

@SirDavidGuy: why not, the goal of this tool is to help us have the best possible curve. I’m working on an auto correction, but your approach could help too. Anyway I’m pretty sure that it may give better results when using BWA files read with different readers.
Hey, if you really wouldn’t mind to add this feature, you can be sure that I won’t want to do it myself :wink:

Yeah, I tried giving myself a crash course in Visual C++ 6.0 looking through the code but I can’t figure it all out well enough to make meaningful modifications. (Excellent program, btw.)

However, if someone would let me know what the BWA file format is, I could whip up a command console program to calculate an ensemble average out of at least four BWA files.


(Also, if anyone has a good Visual C++ 6.0 tutorial website or book to recommend, please PM me. Thanks.)