New tomb raider no protection?

got hold of a copy early of the new tomb raider angel of darkness
today it is released officially here in the uk on friday!
imagine my suprise to find no protection just basic cd checks!
I suspected eidos would have reverted to their usual securom4.8
but i can detect no protection after installling and checking using both clony and protection id.
I made my working copy using alcohol disc 1 I copied using a basic securom new profile suspecting securom new on the play cd (disc2) I used twin peaks and alcohol making a bwa
however it inserted just 2 ranges not the usual several dozen
quite obviously not a typical securom 4.8 !!!
burned both cds back as securom new and both installed fine game runs from cd 2 and no obvious checks for original ie spinning cd icon are made!!
well to say I am suprised is an understatement I thought that surely eidos long awaited release would have carried at least securom 4.8 if not something even better!!!
why no protection? champ manager 4 had securom 4.8
whats going on?:stuck_out_tongue:

you dont stand corrected…TRAOD has no protection for i have the US version…or maybe Eidos is waiting to get their hands on Sony’s new protection METAMORPHISIS???

:confused: :confused:

Or maybe Eidos has realised that copy protection does nothing for the bottom line of anyone other than Sony, Macrovision, et al. :wink:

[Does anyone seriously believe that a software pirate is going to go and buy an original rather than use a crack in circumstances where it is difficult or impossible to make a working copy of an original? :rolleyes: ]