New To Video/PC Stuff... Any Advice Is Welcome



I am interested in knowing how to do a lot of things related to DVD burning and DVD copying. I have the ability to copy DVD’s I recorded from TV (like off of on-demand, HBO, Starz). I am using a program called burnaware. It is free for 10 days and very simple to use. I already copied two or three DVD’s.

However, there are so many other questions I have. Is there a way (free if possible) to download movies from and put them on a DVD to watch in a regular DVD player?

What is the best (free if possible) way to copy DVD’s? I have a DVD recorder that works great, but you have to sit through the entire movie.

Any other advice would be appreciated.


There are many varibles to what you are asking.
I’ve had burnaware in the past & it works for some things.
I prefer ImgBurn for burning & some ripping.

There is software around that is supposed to record from sites like Hulu .
Most of what I’ve read says they don’t work. So I wouldn’t get anything that doesn’t have a trial period unless it’s freeware.
I think the usual message you will get is a form of “Can’t Record” if you try. The free screen capture programs I have say that. Basically Hulu doesn’t want you to record from their site.
For your last question I think you want to copy commercial DVD’s ?
That is more involved . You can read the free method if you search the forum.
Without going into detail.
DVDFab free after trial is what to use for ripping the DVD.
Usually DVDShrink will compress that rip to single layer size.
Use ImgBurn to burn that to DVD.