New to using Recode



I got a new Lite-on 1633S burner for x-mas, it came with Nero 6 OEM disc.
My problem is that I did the upgrades for it, and recode installs up to a certain point, then stops with a message-- Unable to find the Sony installed hardware, please install the hardware and re-install the software. I don’t have anything that is a Sony product (sorry to those of you that use Sony).

I only want to install recode so that I can use the burner.

I have the update #2 downloaded, and I have a copy of the recode download.

Please help!!! What am I doing wrong… :a :confused:

Thanks in advance…


I just want to add… I don’t only want recode, I mean that I want all of Nero to be working on my computer. I read alot about recode and I want to use it in conjunction with the rest of the software.

Sorry for the misunderstanding about only wanting to install Recode 2.


The OEM versions of Nero that ship with hardware typically are coded so that they work with ONLY the hardware they were shipped with. You should have gotten a disc that would work with your Liteon but that wouldn’t work with any other burners. My guess is that somehow your burner was packaged with a Nero disc that was intended for Sony burners.

Contact the vendor that sold you (or the gift-giver) the Liteon. They may be able to fix the problem. (I bought my Liteon from Newegg and they shipped the wrong disc – sent me Nero OEM even though the drive was advertised as coming with Sonic myDVD – and I contacted them to complain and they sent me the Sonic disc for free.)

The other alternative is to buy the full retail version of Nero, which will work with any hardware.