New to this Samsung SE S224 External Drive

Hi, I am new to all this please bear with me as I am not very experienced with pc issues. I bought the above drive to help with ripping my dvds. The rips are taking 1 to 1.5 hours (using DVD Fab)., in contrast my internal LG dvd drive seems to average at 23 mins. I would like to use the Samsung as I think it is a better quality drive. I think some patched firmware should help (?) I have seen this software above for MTK drves - what does MTK stand for and is my drive one? If not can someone recommend me a firmware which will speed up my DVD ripping.

Thanks in advance.

Also is my drive ripping slow because of this RIPLOCK feature I have been reading about.

Hi :slight_smile:
Take a look here.
Whilst referring to external hard drives.
The principle is the same.
You can see that internal theoretical transfer rates are much higher than external.
That said the ripping of discs shouldn’t take that much longer.
It obviously depends on your system.
In my case if it took say 12 mins to rip using an internal drive.
External might 15 > 20 mins.
The MTK stands for MediaTek I believe.
You should be able to get patched f/w.
But as far as I know your drive isn’t riplocked.
(That’s not to say, you couldn’t speed your drive up with patched f/w.)
Maybe updating USB drivers.
Would have more of an effect.
Defragging HDD too, is an option that might help.

N.B.Simple test for checking transfer rate is to use CD/DVDSpeed.
This will produce a graph clearing showing what your drive is actually achieving.

Hi zebadee , thanks for the link. I don´t think it has an effect as my internal drive is only readung at 4mb per second (the external sometimes is 0.1 Mb per second) well below the usb 2 speed of 400 mb per second. yes i keep defraging the HD to improve speed. So is my drive MediaTek?


Hi :slight_smile:
Your drive is Samsung.
But uses a MediaTek chipset.
So should be a good reader/ripper.
Fairly fast too.
I have a couple of different Samsung drives, all SATA.
They are all very good.
Try something like CD/DVDSpeed to do a transfer test.
On both internal & external.

Hi,[QUOTE=DickBob;2459064] I don´t think it has an effect as my internal drive is only readung at 4mb per second [/quote]:eek: Please check if the internal HDD is operating in UDMA mode. The current transfer rate should be UDMA 4 or higher (unless you own fossile hardware). See here:

(…) well below the usb 2 speed of 400 mb per second.
480 Mbit/s for an USB connection is plain marketing. In real world you should get something about 30 MBytes/sec (with a HDD); with an external DVD writer, 8x DVD speed should work, which is roughly 8-10 minutes for a full single layer disc (without processing or verify).

Could you please tell us something about the computer you are using?


Hi Mciahel

My computer is a Medion with Pentium r Dual Core E5200 @ 2.5ghz, 2.5 ghz. Ram 4gb. Internal hd 1tb, ext (for rips) WD 1.5TB.

Hi :slight_smile:
Here comparisons of internal & external ODDs.

Transfer rate (internal 1st).

N.B. Both drives have patched f/w.
The external drive having slightly more problems with the “new” top speed.

Burst rate comparison (again internal 1st).

N.B. External, the rate is typically less than half that of the internal.

My computer is a Medion with Pentium r Dual Core E5200 (…)[/QUOTE]Okay. Modern enough.
Could you please try the drive with another computer? For interface performance testing, I prefer simulating a burn on DVD-R (simulation does not work with DVD+R) with CD/DVD Speed. Since I don’t expect 22x externally, please set 12x as (simulated) speed.


Hi prob seems to be with ext hd. Ripped dvds to internal hd and rips quite quick 5 - 7 mb per sec. Tried to then copy some files from int hd to external hd - 35gb it took 7 hours. Any ideas. Both drives new and defraged.

Get the free version of hdtuneand benchmark your HDDs. Please report the results. If the speed is far below 30 MB/sec, then try the external HDD with another computer.


Thanks for trying to help me mciahel, I am really confused. downloaded HDtune yesterday and it showed min speed 0 and max speed 3, thats what made me use the int hd. Today it shows min 26 max 31.

Right really confused now. As speed seemed ok tried to rip dvd, Went really slow so aborted. Run HDTune again. Min 0 Max 0. Help


there seems to be something wrong with your computer. Find out the manufacturer of your HDD and get the diagnostic software from the manufacturer’s website. Using that software, check your HDD carefully. It’s not a bad idea to have a backup of your valuable data.
Also, you may consider replacing the HDD cable (no idea if Sata or Pata on your system).

Edit: these bad results were with the internal or with the external HDD? In case, it’s the external, then try it with another computer in order to sort out any problems with your USB controller. Also: is your external drive equipped with its own power supply?


Hi, just to update. Took drive back and got another. New one works no problem so the other was a faulty drive out of the box. Alwaays last thing to think of. I always assume new things work (which they should) and assume I am doing something wrong (which can often be the case).

Thanks again to those who tried to help!

Ps enjoying watching my ripped DVDs on my WDTV now.