New to this need help



Looking to backup my dvds as well as burn some stuff off my dvr that stays full , not really sure where to start or what all I need but I have the following so far:
Laptop with dvd burner
and dvr (scientific atlanta explorer 8300hdc)

If needed I will buy a dvd recorder but would like to stay in the “if its not needed then it can wait a little longer” option because don’t have money to blow at the moment but would like to get my backups started and my dvr not so full.

Please help me get started


You might want to look through some entries from this Google search on copying from your DVR:

It seems possible to do in “real time” to a dvd recorder or computer with a capture card. You might also be able to add an external hard drive via eSata for more space.

Backing up your dvds is a subject I am more familiar with. You’ll need a decryption program and possibly a compression program. Try the trial for DVDFab, since it is an all in one solution.

AnyDVD is the other main choice, but it doesn’t include a compression program. You can combine it with the free program DVDShrink for that. DVDShrink can be downloaded from or


Any suggestions? I see these two but trying to tell the difference besides price ,any idea?±+Studio+MovieBox+HD+USB+2.0+Video+Capture+Hardware/9714608.p?id=1218156772869&skuId=9714608&st=pinnacle&cp=1&lp=8±+Dazzle+Video+Creator+Plus+HD+Video+Capture+Cable/9714371.p?id=1218156775760&skuId=9714371&st=pinnacle&cp=1&lp=7

Also how do I know what blank media to buy and if my dvd burner in my laptop will be good enough ?


I’m not a fan of laptop dvd burners, but most of them work well enough to get by. The Matshita (Panasonic) laptop drives seem to give the most problems.

If you want to buy media online, I’d suggest Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks, or Verbatim 16x disks from or If you want to buy locally, look for the Verbatim 16x at Best Buy. Since your laptop drive probably has a top speed of 8x, I think I’d try them at 6x if your burning program will allow you to select that speed. 8x otherwise.

I’ve never used the Pinnacle products for capture, so I can’t help much with them. We do seem to hear a lot of complaints about them though.


Well I have a Dell 8X DVD +/- RW burner in my laptop , will this work or should I go buy an external burner (which would have to be under say 50.00 since im low on funds currently)?

Will those both work with my burner and does the 8X burner mean I need to use 8X disk?

Will -R and +R work in my burner or just -/+ RW ? (from looking around online RW seems a little more expensive in some cases and not as much of a selection )

I read online that the printable disk dont last as long as the shiny , is this true?

Also some of the Taiyo Yuden Disk I saw online were Jvc ,are these a knockoff or a variation for value?

Anything u can recomend ? Not very sure where else and what else is on the market and if it is a good product for my want to connect to my DVR


No need to buy an external until you try the one that is built in. There is no telling at this point what manufacturer Dell is using for that laptop drive, but give it a shot.

I’d buy Verbatim 16x media…if you buy locally, look for the AZO designation on the packaging. Verbatim has been changing to cheaper sources lately, but their original disks using the AZO type dye are still available at many locations. Your drive has a top speed of 8x, but these faster disks will still work with it. + or -R doesn’t really matter much anymore, but I wouldn’t use RW unless you think you need to experiment a little and want to use disks that can be erased. If you do decide to use RW disks, buy +RW Verbatim.

Printable disks are not prone to degradation any more than the shiny top ones. So, what you read is not true.

Taiyo Yuden bought JVC media division. So, the premium line of JVC disks are now made by Taiyo Yuden. Results from them have been mixed so far. Which is why I would recommend buying Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks from or if you plan on ordering disks online.

I haven’t tried to copy from a DVR to a computer, so I am quite leery of trying to advise you on that. I have used several different capture cards in the past to capture straight from tv feeds, from cable and satellite, but not from a DVR. Hauppauge is a good brand for capture cards, but they may not have anything appropriate in your price range.


Going look into disk again now , will be back with more ?s probably :doh:

But as far as software what can I use Free or insanely cheap ? Are the links up above a few post just trials or the whole program?

Also As far as brands for media any to stay away from at wally world if I cant find the verbatims for some odd stock reason ?


You won’t find Verbatim at Walmart. My local Walmart only carries Memorex :Z and Sony. Of those two, I’d very much recommend the Sony disks.

If you buy a capture card, it should come with software. Whether it is worth diddly squat is another question.

Since I have no experience with your DVR, I’m still not convinced you will be able to record from it. For example, this thread over at AVS forums:

What connections do you have coming out of the DVR?


Went to wally world as thats the closest to my house , all memorex , not even sony =/ so came home and looked in my closet and found these , will they work till i can go to bestbuy sat. ?

also what about the programs?

and as for the dvr (video r/y/w,hdmi,s-video,esata,optical audio and two 1394s?)


Look at, or and get some Verbatim as Kerry stated in post 6


Going look , Was hoping to get some locally =/ but not sure where if anywhere I could get some besides bestbuy
and may end up having to order online


A lot of times they are cheaper online and sometimes they have free shipping which is even better


Just ordered these


While I wait are there any suggestions on things I can do to be ready for when they arrive?

software I need
updates if any for my burner/way to find out if im all up to date
helpful links
anything that will help me waste time as well as help me to be prepared without having to figure things out last minute?

Ahhh I can’t wait =) lol


Good choice as that is what I use but think you better burn at around 6X or 8X, and for the burner firmware updates we need to know which burner it is and the software to back up movies all depends if you want a one click program which you have to buy or a free one which requires several programs thus several steps


Will do
The burner is a dell 8x -/+ rw dvd (its in my dell inspiron 1525) not sure of the specifics .

And Free is a major plus :wink: multiple steps is better then multiple dollars :o


Then you might want to try out DVDFab free decrypter, with DVDShrink and probably the best burning software Imageburn.

ALL FREE :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=bean55;2516391]Then you might want to try out DVDFab free decrypter, with DVDShrink and probably the best burning software Imageburn.

ALL FREE :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

That’s ImgBurn you mean. :flower:



Thanks Wombler :iagree:

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[QUOTE=bean55;2516450]Thanks Wombler :iagree:

My big thumbs got in the way again :bigsmile: and my bad spelling didn’t help :disagree: :D[/QUOTE]
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