New to this but what is best?



Using at the moment(because it is the easiest)nerovision express to convert my d/loded files into dvd.
This usually takes about 3/4 hours from start to finish.
Is the quality as good as other software?
Is there a better software with better results than nerovision but is as easy to use?
Nero obviously does everything for me but the results don’t seem to match the ratings given on the web sites.
Lmk your thoughts please.


try winavi Its much faster


But what is the quality like???
Does it do everthing as neroexpress does?



Nerovision ain’t the best. What I prefer is to re-encode the avi using a proper encoding software(such as TmpgEnc-reasonable in price and Quality/cce-expensive but better) and then feed the output to an authoring software such as DVD Lab/Tmpg DVD Author to author the DVD and then finally burn using Nero.

I know it seems a tall order(too many steps) but believe me when you see the results you will be more than pleased.

Hope this helps.


Thanks unicorn23, tryed using the “quick” winavi yesterday and although quick was very poor quality and stuttery.
Going to try tmpgenc, do I need something seperate to do the audio or will it do the whole thing so I can author it when it’s finished? Also tryed dvdsanta, estimated 19 hours to do the job, so I stopped it.
thanks again.


Ive always had good quality with Winavi. You sure you selected the correct settngs? Did you select DVD under ‘select output format’? If you click on the advanced settings you can select ‘Quality’ instead of ‘Speed’ under preferences. This would still encode faster than nero


Try tmpgenc/cce, you’ll get better results for sure. Remember, speed is always friend of quality…you mentioned downloaded files. Were they captured or are we talking about xvid/divx and such ?


In my opinoin,

DVD2SVCD w/CCE as the encoder is the best.

The Film Machine w/CCE is also good. Slower for me though, but, easier.



Tried the winavi highest quality setting. Looks very good but when I went to burn it it is over 6gb, how do I reduce the size???to fit onto a dvdr.
Is it so big because I went for the highest setting??


In the advanced settings click on ‘constant video size’, ‘number of discs’ to 1, ‘Disc Capacity’ to 4700


ProCoder Express is fantastic. Always does a perfect conversion (including frame rate changes), easy to use and set up, and cheap(ish) to buy. Perfect! I’ve tried them all, but I always come back to this baby. WinAVI is quick, but if the frame rate is different (23.97 -> 25 for instance) output ‘stutters’ slightly every few seconds. VSO’s DivxToDVD has a similar problem but is OK for the time it takes if no frame rate conversion is required. I guess most downloaded AVIs arn’t perfect anyway?!


Found winavi to do what you say ie, keeps stuttering even on the best quality settings.


Hi Skitty,

all the software I mentioned have trial(full function) try them and see the output. You will probably like it in my opinion. A bit of work but it pays.

Hope this helps.


Which program do you use after Procoder Express??


rendez2k… Which program do you use after Procoder Express? Everythings goes well up to this point… I have to make my first transfer from analog Beta tape download using the Canopus ADVC-100 and WinDV. No frame dropouts using WinDV. Thank you.


With ProCoder, I always encode to an M2P file (making sure its DVD size), then I use TMPGEnc DVD Author (or DVDLab) to create the DVD. Hope this helps!


dvdSanta is very cheap, simple, and takes around real-time to convert, the quality looks good to me.

Ben :slight_smile:


rendez2k… That’s where I am having the problem. Loading from a VCR (Beta movie) it is not normally DVD size. The one that I am using right now is in three MP2 sections of (2) 4.5MB and (1) 2KB. This would probably mean 3 DVD’s since Procoder knows not to make one over 4.5MB in length. In the AVI state before Procoder it was approximately 37MB. I have a way to get the movie onto 1 DVD using a completely different procedure, but it lacks the clarity that I want and am looking for. It’s got to have the clarity that already exists on the tape, or forget it, since one of my primary objectives is the space required to store the tapes. Also one less piece of electronic gear in the viewing area. Will look for other ways to cut this down.

By the way… Nero Burning ROM can write the DVD (UFD) format larger than 2GB or larger files to a DVD. However it is not on the Nero Express since it is a limited version and does not support the DVD (UDF) format. One can purchase the solution for $49 US dollars from their website. Thought this information you want to have. Thank you.


Heres a quick tutorial for ProCoder Express with the settings I have found work well for me, although I doubt it will help Texas Outlaw’s problems… by the way, did you get your file sizes wrong (4.5MB and 2KB) - they are very small!

ProCoder Express Tutorial


I agree with F-Buckfitty. I like The Film Machine w/CCE. The program does it all for you from converting to joining. Great program. It does take a little time just like any quality program. :slight_smile: