New to the world of DVD Backup

Hello everyone. Hope this is the correct area to post this message. I have a question and require help. I have 2 plextor DVD burners, one of them is Dual Layer Burner, I believe it is 716 model. I also have AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Here is my dilema. When I was using the trial version, my keeper rate was like 98%. But since I have purchased the produce, my keeper rate is 30%. I get different errors on DVD players. From my home dvd player saying Disk is dirty, to my burner saying Unrecognizable format. Can anyone shed some light on this issue. thank you

Many questions. Are you using exactly the same media from the same batch? Are these dvd’s that you have burned? Is the software version the same? What is the exact MEDIA CODE? Are you using +r or -r dvd’s? What are your system specs? Are you shutting down background tasks while you are rendering/burning?


Sounds like a Crap Media problem-

What media are you using??