New to the site - DVR Question



hello, I am new to the site…I have a question that I would appreciate some input on…my wife is wanting to start a small, simple home-based business of transferring Video’s to DVD’s. I’m a little concerned that this is now so easy to do at home that it may be a waste of time. I’m not sure that too many would still pay to have this done…any ideas or suggestions? We currently have a Phillips 685 DVR. If we elect to do this, I am thinking of purchasing a newer DVR. Any suggestions on a decent one to start with?

thanks for any input!!!


(concerned that this is now so easy) is not the point there are many many out there who do not have the time,or equipment or the knowhow to do make the copies. The only thing I would be sure is to not do protected DVDS for anyone and also have them sign a statement that the material you are copying for them is not copyrighted.