New to the scene, some questions


Well, I am in the hunt for my first DVD burner. I hear either NEC or BenQ. I want to get the best bang for my buck (70 bucks). Should I get one now, or wait a few weeks and see what pops up? I read the new generation drives are just faster than current drives. What would you get if you could all over again.
I also am looking for a good but (suprise) cheap DVD player. Any suggestions? I just want quality picture, some features, and reliability. Nothing too insane.
Which drive would you suggest? My current (Toshiba 2800) is a bit old nowadays. And what player would compliment it well? Thanks fellas! I appreciate any words of wisdom.

You can’t go wrong with either. 16x is the limit for DVD burners. You can wait for faster dual layer or rewritable, but I only burn them once or twice a month. Not enough to justify paying more.