New to the freaks imtoo dvd ripper problem



i came here looking for a distortion solution when using the im too dvd ripper product. i have tried all of their suggestions and still get horrible distortion in itunes when playing a ripped song from a concert dvd. what should i try next.


could u check and then tell me what the content of ‘‘Audio’’ is on the interface after loading the DVD, like the snapshot:
and by the way which version do u use of this product?


it says english AC3 2ch (0x80)


i am having the exact same problem and i have the ultimate version. under the tools drop down menu there is a preference tab that allows you to modify the audio “volume adjust” setting. i believe mine was defaulted at “3”. i’m now attempting to rip a dvd with the setting at “1”.

i tried setting it at “0” thinking that any number would amplify the sound, causing it to become distorted, however, when i did that i got no sound at all.