New to the dvdrecorder

Bought liton 5005 has onscreen serial

went to liteon got
LNFA1098.ES5.0102.184x said system and
LNFA1000.E30.0102.184x said drive

i want that 3hr recording I read about and macro would be nice
what would you experenced people do
what order and what to do to get 3hr and mv

thanks great fourm and thanks for any help


@javaman1966 - Download IloHacker and the LNFA1098.ES5.0102.184x fw. Run Ilo Hacker and choose 3hr mode and apply macrovision hack on the LBFA1098 file. Then reflash the 5005 with it.

The LNFA1000.E30.0102.184x is a drive update and will flash the drive firmware to B20G if I’m not mistaken.