New To The Dvd Burner Stuff

I was just wondering does anyone have any suggestions for a dvd burner? Either 16x or 18x that can bitsett and no rebranded drives.


Oh yeah and sorry I’m looking for an external not an internal.

If I needed one I’d probably get a Plextor PX-755UF.

I checked it out and it seems pretty decent at around $160. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

My second choice would be the LG GSA-E40N/L :wink:

The same question comes up regularly. You can use the Search function and look for recent threads with “external” in the title to see more opinions.

Thank you, I didn’t know this was a regular question since I’m new to the forum so, I appreicate your kindness in answering the question and not gettting rude with me like some people on other forums do.

EDIT I can’t seem to fine that version on the internet. What do you think of the LG GSA-H50N

You’re welcome. The GSA-[B]H[/B]50N would be an internal drive (with an H in stead of E in the model no.). A slightly older but still current external LG is the GSA-[B]E[/B]10N/L (L=LightScribe), which is a 16X speed vs. 18X for the [B]E[/B]40N/L.