New to the BD ripping scene

i have a few new BD’s to backup to my hard drive and eventually stream to my PS3 via Tversity (so i want to convert them to m2ts). What software should i get? i used Anydvd once before to convert Transformers. However my machine crashed and i lost my copy of it and the demo copies do not seem to work. Is there a full blown new version of Anydvd on here (or does someone have it) that i can download and use?


AnyDVD HD is the only effective ripper for Blu Ray movies with BD+ protection. You can find it at, and the demo versions are fully functional for 21 days.

After that time, you will need to purchase the program directly from Slysoft.

To remove the main movie, you can use tsMuxeR after ripping to the hard drive with AnyDVD HD.

k, was hoping there was something new and free… oh well i got it to work. however, i am streaming from my pc to my ps3 and when you do that you can use DTS it has to be converted to regular 5.1… ideas how to convert the bluray audio stream to 5.1?

Most blu ray movies have several options for audio. The ones I’ve seen have all had an AC3 audio stream as well as the HD stream. You can select the one you want using tsMuxeR.