New to the 1620 Pro



I have just bought a 1620 Pro, and NOT wanting to sound like a NOOB, but, is it necessary to backup firmware/EEPROM before updating to new version?
I have always been a Lite-On user, so was wondering if there are any firmware backup tools for the 1620 Pro? If so, where and how please.

With much appreciation… :iagree:


no if you want to go back a version just flashback.

check the sticky above there is a page that keeps a small archive of firmware incase you want to go back.

welcome to the BenQ Side :bigsmile:


Thanks, so no need to backup EEPROM? Is it possible with BenQ?


I’m also an old Litey user. :wink:

Currently there are no means (tools) to backup firmware or eeprom on BenQ DVDRW drives…

Just use BenQ original firmwares when you want to flash different 1620 firmwares.

ala42 provided MCSE to increase read speed and change write strategies. Note, doing this voids your warranty. :slight_smile: