New to ripping - would clonedvd splite a dvd9 to 2 dvd5s

is that possible - if so how?
Also - I tried to make an iso using clone dvd - I can’t figure out how to - what I would like to do is split the dvd9 to 2 dvd5 isos - and then burn them onto dvds - using clone dvd…
thanks in advance…

Theres no need to burn to 2 dvds-the quality in my opinion using clonedvd from is extremely good. Are you using clonedvd and the latest anydvd?? Clonedvd as far as I know processes the dvd in the form of video.ts files and not ISO at least thats the way I use it. Its in the same format as the original dvd. Try and see if its okay for you.

Yes clone dvd will split a dvd 9 into two dvd 5’s. All you have to do is use the programs built in cut tool. It will be located under the preview window and look like a pair of scissors. Once you click this a slider will appear and all you have to do is move the slider where you wish to cut the movie. Then you can proceed normally.

As for your iso question, i usually deal with vts folders not images so i cant be of any help. Im sorry.

This is a quote from the manual

“[I]Splitting: If you want to copy the whole DVD or you want to copy a movie with extra length, it is advisable to split it over two DVD media. First of all you have to select “preserve menus” for keeping the overview. Via the “chapter cutting” function you can split the main movie in two parts while selecting for example the chapters 1-9 for the first DVD media. Select now further titles like “Special Features” and start the copying process for the first DVD media. When the copying process has finished, please click on the “Back” button until you reach the window with the title selection. Please click with the right mouse button into the title selection dialogue: You can invert your selection for the first DVD media, like in this example, it means that the chapters 10-16 of the main movie and the rest of the titles will be automatically selected [/I]”

To get the Splitting click on the scissors to open the control.

For your ISO, once you get to the “Output Method Screen” you can select “ISO/UDF”

DAMN !!!..this i swhy I love this forum…I have never been to a place where people are so helpful… thank you guys…

is that a preference due to quality or just something you wish to do??..I always thought that dealing with iso’s was better than dealing with vts folders…but then again - that is why I am a newbie !

I have a sony 50 inch LCD projection tv…and I am afraid that I will notice the difference…?

Try and see how it looks on 1 dvd or get doublelayer disks which cost alot. I have a 36 inch tv and it looks okay to me. I guess it depends on how large the original dvd is. You can just process the movie without all the extras and foreign languages and directors comments and see if its okay for you.

Quote(is that a preference due to quality or just something you wish to do??..)

Im sure other people will disagree with me (its all a matter of opinion really) but i find it easier to manipulate a VTS folder more so than an image file. Now if i am burning a dl i go image all the way, it seems to yeild better results that way.
I’m a big quality freak myself and i have a 42" sony vega. So i have to agree that splitting a file is alot better than high compression. I always go for either splitting a dvd or I go for under 8% compression if at all possible.

This is off subject on your original post but you might find it helpful and it will give you somthing to try on you spare time. If you are as big into detail as i am you might want to give Dvd Rebuilder a try. They have a free version and a pay for version and truthfully the pay for version is well worth it in my opinion. Dvd rebuilder is actually a face for several optional encoders Such as cce or procoder or the freeware hc encoder. It does a better job on higher compression movies than any transcoder ( clone dvd, 1 click, nero recode, dvd cloner, etc.) out. Do a search on google and you can find all the info on encoders and transcoders you would ever want to know.

I just thought you might have some fun learning.

happy burning

would you please tell me excately what software you use to 1st rip - then copy - then burn the final product onto the dvd??..thanks…I do agree…because I jsut want to know what software reliably splits a move…

Its seems you have triple posted on this board with a similar questions.???
It might be easier to answer your questions in one place.

can we somehow merge??? I am sorry for the confusion…

No matter what i use for the compression, i use any dvd to kill the copy protection. It usually works best with clone dvd (but its becuase they are sibling programs from the same company). However any dvd usually works well with alomost any popular copy program out. If you would like to rip a movie to the hard drive before working on it any dvd has a built in ripper that works great. It only rips in file format though so if you want a iso image you will have to use another ripper like decrypter. Or use a program to convert the file to iso image (way to much work in my opinion).
As for the splitting I usually use two different programs depending on the movie. Either nero recode or clone dvd. Both of these will split a dvd 9 into a dvd 5. In the past I have only been able to get clone dvd to split at chapters. This fact also makes it difficult to cut the end credits off because in most movies that i have seen the credits were tacked onto the last chapter of the movie and not in a chapter by themselves so if you wanted to kill the end credits you had to cut the entire last chapter. This info may be wrong now, but it was a while back so they might have improved upon their cutting tool since then (I cant say for sure).

Recode on the other hand will split at individual frames in the movie (this is the reason i use it). Dvd Shrink is very similar to Recode, it will do everything recode will do but it is a little slower and is Free so you might want to check it out as well. With either of these you can split the movie at any point that you want. And its also very useful if you are trying to cut the end credits off of the movie to save a little room and knock the compression down a few percent.
For the burning. Recode has its built in burning engine, Clone dvd has a built in burning engine, and dvd shrink uses a third party burning engine that you have to install separately.
You can also use image burn to burn your images. Clone cd (which will read and burn dvd’s as well) for your dl’s, and my favorite copytodvd from vso software.

These are just a few of the programs that you can use.

Hope this helps and good luck.