New to ripping-need some advice please

I am trying to learn how to rip and burn commercial dvd’s. I purchased the ImTOO DVD Ripper Platinum and I am pretty new at this. A few questions: What format do I want to rip the dvd’s to? I mostly intend to burn them to a blank DVD. I ripped a movie last night in 2 formats one was avi and the other vob. They both played on my Divx player, but I noticed a slight choppiness/framerate issue. When I tried to burn the movie to a blank DVD it was even worse and there was quite a bit of freeze/lockup towards the middle/end of the movie. I have most of the rippers setting to default. What should I look to do?


Gregg S.
Pensacola, Florida

There is an ImToo subforum here at cdfreaks:

I suggest looking in there for specific answers and guides to using that software.

I don’t use ImToo products, so I won’t be of much use to you with them. But there are free alternatives for doing pretty much anything you want with dvds. Look through this thread to see some of the alternatives if you are interested.

We have a lot of guides to backing up dvds in the Copy DVD forum, and there are more around the net. is a good site to learn about video programs.

When you backed up the movie straight to vobs, did you use compression or was it a straight rip? With no compression, it should not have played back with any choppiness. Try playing it in a free player called VLC

what setting in the ripping software deals with compression? I didn’t notice it if it was there. I think it was a direct vob rip.

Try ripping with a free decryption program called DVDFab HD Decrypter and play it in VLC. See if you can tell the difference on playback. Also compare the size of the dvd with the one you ripped with ImToo.

This Imtoo product seems to be a conversion program for the most part, and as I said, I am not familiar with it.

I believe you can use the free alternatives listed in thread I linked and get great results. They just won’t be contained under one user interface.

Thanks Kerry I will try what you recommended. By the way what does VLC stand for? Thanks for all your help.


It is a free media player that can handle most anything you can throw at it.

And here is the link for DVDFab HD Decrypter: