New to Nero - Need help with Crossfade!

Please help!

Hi, my name is Kelly and I am new here.

I just splurged on Nero 6 Ultra retail edition for the cross-fade function when burning CD’s. The crossfade option is supposed to be listed on the track prefereces tab, but it’s not there!!!

Please someone help or else I’ve wasted alot of money!

Also, it seems all the songs I have purchased from itunes are unusable in Nero. Could anyone please recomend sites where I can purchase music which I CAN record to CD using Nero? Or is it more complicated than that?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


You are my salvation!


feel free to email me here:

Okay, I found SoundTrax as a hidden file by going to My Computer -> Local Disk © -> Program Files -> Ahead -> SoundTrax.

HOWEVER, when I click on SoundTrax a box pops up and says I am not liscences to use it!!! I don’t understand. I bought Nero 6 Ultra Retail because it specifically came with SoundTrax, it has a serial number, why can’t I activate it?

Has Nero taken me for a (very expensive) ride???


Problem solved. In case this happens to someone else, the problem was apparently caused by some old Nero Express files that had not been fully excorcized from my harddrive.