New to nero express what does message mean

:confused: My question is reguarding backing up my documents folders (adding new files) from the original to the backup cd
I have a cdrw drive and use cdrw discs
I am using nero express with incd
And I do check off multi session ,
my question is this …
I am getting a messages from nero which I don’t understand ,
I am ignoring the message and proceed and when I check out the backup disc to make sure its ok, everything is fine
Propertys shows “read only” with a check mark in it , instead of hidden or archive so I guess thats what I need it to be ?
and when I copy the backup to another partition to check it out , it’s the same except all shortcuts checked so it’s the same as the original my documents folders so the backup is fine… So what does this message all about
This is the message I don’t understand : quote
“The disc you inserted is not empty while the writing mode on your complitation is “start multi-session or “no multi session”. Please note that the information already on the disc can no longer be accessed using windows explorer , should nero proceed with writing to the disc yes or no …”
Also another related question reguarding nero what does the nero refreshed completed message mean ? does that mean I don’t have to go any furthur and don’t have to click on add finished next and burn ? Am I all thru at that point , I don’t think so so whats the point of this refresh message "25 files and 10 folders updated "

Try Disc Erase before you do the backup. You should be able to do the quick erase. See if that stops the message.